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Paragon Sight & Sound offers a variety of high end home audio brands, premium home theater components, and superior smart home vendors to meet all your entertainment and lifestyle needs. Shop everything from audiophile speakers and electronics, to home theater processors, music streamers, and more!

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Atoll (brand logo)
Audeze (brand logo)
Audio Control (brand logo)
Audio Research Company (brand logo)
Barco (brand logo)
Burmester (brand logo)
Clearaudio (Logo)
Coastal Source (brand logo)
Dan D'Agostino (brand logo)
dCS data conversion systems (brand logo)
DS Audio (brand logo)
Elan (brand logo)
Epson (brand logo)
Hana Phono Cartridges (brand logo)
HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems (brand logo)
Innuos (brand logo)
Integra Home Theater (brand logo)
IPort by Sonance (brand logo)
James Loudspeaker (brand logo)
JL Audio (brand logo)
Kaleidescape (brand logo)
Leon Speakers (brand logo)
Lutron (brand logo)
Luxul (brand logo)
madVR Labs (brand logo)
McIntosh Labs (brand logo)
Musical Surroundings (brand logo)
octave logo.png__PID:fcc47770-9f7e-43c4-8d52-7dd272435c4c
Pro-Ject Audio (brand logo)
Roon Labs (brand logo)
Salamander Designs (brand logo)
Samsung (brand logo)
Sanus (brand logo)
Savant (brand logo)
Séura (brand logo)
Sonance (brand logo)
Sonos (brand logo)
Sonus faber (brand logo)
Sony (brand logo)
Stewart Filmscreen (brand logo)
Stromtank (brand logo)
Sumiko Phono Cartridge (brand logo)
SunBrite TV (brand logo)
Symbol Audio (brand logo)
Universal Remote Control (URC) (brand logo)
Wilson Audio (brand logo)
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We bring better sound to every home.

We’ve come a long way since stereo consoles and tube televisions, but our desire to fill our homes with music and share moments together remain unchanged. Modern technology has revolutionized the way we enjoy media and entertainment. Paragon's expertise will help you navigate the latest technologies, and deliver media and smart home systems that are easy-to-use and enjoy. Visit our showroom to experience the best in audio, video, and smart home systems. What are you waiting for? Why not see what Paragon Sight & Sound can do for you today.

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