Paragon Sight & Sound offers world-class performance products and expert installation for home theater, two-channel audio, and smart home control. We are proud to represent the best products in the industry, and our pride extends to our knowledgeable staff, who add value and support for our clients.

All products on our online store are on-display in our retail store; we work with these products every day, and we are confident in our knowledge, selection, and service. Our expertise is demonstrated in our curated catalog of products which come from real companies who have earned our trust. We do not aim to be a superstore or big box warehouse. Our value is in our decades of expertise and outstanding customer service.

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We deliver fine audio, home theater, and smart home systems of exceptional quality and value, with the goal to consistently exceed customer expectations. Value is determined by the entire process, which includes product knowledge, purchase, delivery, reliability, product life, and above all, service and professionalism. Our goal is simple... to be the best.


Paragon understands that audio is a very personal and subjective passion. Fine audio products also represent a significant financial outlay, so part of our job is to bring some objectivity into the equation. We start with our vendors.

When making a purchase, you might not be as concerned with the vendor as much as with their product. These products are an investment, however, and we care about protecting that. To that end, Paragon does extensive research on the vendors we represent. Everything from years in business, financial strength, product-line development, service availability, and more are considered. As technology evolves and products age, things like vendor service and support are value-added. These factors (and many others) affect your enjoyment and investment in your systems.

As a full-service retailer, Paragon places value on full-service vendors because they offer unparalleled craftsmanship and support to you - our clients. Shop confidently with Paragon knowing that our vendors are carefully vetted, and be assured that with your purchase comes the most value and longevity from your audio investment.

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"I believe that passion is paramount. At Paragon, we channel our passion towards helping our clients realize their dream system."

Larry Marcus has been smitten with audio gear since he was a boy. His love for audio started at age 12, when he received his first all-in-one player. Later in life, Larry worked in the A/V industry through college and graduate school. After college, Larry practiced law for eight years, and then spent another eight years in the store fixture business.

In 1997, Larry fully submerged himself back into the A/V world by purchasing Paragon Sight & Sound. Driven by experience, commitment, and a natural curiosity in an ever-evolving field, it's no wonder that Larry’s become a leader in the industry. His unique expertise and dedication to ‘old school’ craftsmanship and white-glove service, are the foundation for Paragon's remarkable reputation in customer service.


Paragon Sight & Sound is home to numerous vendors, a handful of which manufacture their products here in the United States. As an American company, we’re proud to enable our customers to buy local whenever possible. The following companies design and manufacture their products in the United States:


Paragon Sight & Sound is proud to be the recipient of awards from some of the finest names in innovative audio, video, and system-integration technology.

  • Audio Research Dealer of the Year
  • Clearaudio Top US Dealer
  • Dan D'Agostino #1 U.S. Sales
  • Sonos Platinum Dealer
  • Wilson Audio Diamond Level Dealer
  • dCS America Outstanding Dealer
  • Musical Surroundings #1 U.S. Store (Clearaudio Statement Level Dealer)
  • Transparent Audio Legacy Partner
  • Wilson Audio Top U.S. Dealer
  • dCS America Outstanding Dealer
  • Transparent Audio Ultimate Partner
  • Wilson Audio #1 U.S. Dealer (6th Year In-A-Row)
  • dCS America Top Dealer of the Year
  • Transparent Audio Partner of Excellence
  • Wilson Audio #1 U.S. Dealer (5th Year In-A-Row)
  • Audio Research Dealer of the Year
  • Transparent Audio Dealer of Distinction
  • Transparent Audio Top Dealer: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Wilson Audio #1 U.S. Dealer: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Transparent Magnum Opus Sales Award 2014 - Larry Marcus
  • Dan D’Agostino Dealer of the Year: 2014
  • Audio Research Dealer of the Year: 2014
  • Sonus faber 2nd Dealer of the Year: 2014
  • Audio Research Outstanding Dealer in North America: 2013
  • Sonus faber Dealer of the Year: 2013
  • Transparent Audio Amazing Dealer Performance: 2009
  • Transparent Audio Amazing Individual Performance: Larry Marcus, 2009
  • Transparent Audio Totally MM2 Transparent Dealer: 2008
  • Transparent Audio Totally Transparent Dealer: 2007
  • Krell Industries U.S. Evolution Dealer of the Year: 2007
  • Leon Speakers Elite Dealer: 2006