Salamander Designs: Specialized Furniture Systems for Audiophiles

Collection: Salamander Designs: Specialized Furniture Systems for Audiophiles

For more than 30 years, Salamander Designs has been designing innovative, specialized furniture systems that are shaped by your audio/video needs. Salamander offers a wide range of solutions for your home, from audio racks and media cabinets to home theater seating.

Salamander fabricates highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions intended to offer a huge number of choices in materials, finishes, colors, fabrics, and performance options. By integrating such a high level of customization throughout their product line, anyone can become an active participant in creating their own unique furniture designs. It’s a pretty different way of looking at furniture manufacturing; instead of “one-size-fits-all,” everyone gets exactly what fits them.

Finished cabinets are built-to-order in the USA, and under their quick-ship program, most products ship within three business days.

Interested in customizing Salamander furniture for your home? Our highly-qualified Paragon team is here to assist.

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