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Connect to your digital world. Séura Smart Mirrors transform your bathroom vanity into a personalized digital hub, enabling you to be more efficient and effective every single day. These waterproof mirror TVs are perfect for outdoor spaces and bathrooms, and can meet the needs of the most unique environments. Let Séura revolutionize your space.

Every TV Mirror is designed and built-to-order to complement your space. Unique design configuration options include mirror size, TV screen size, designer frames and other custom design offerings.

Interested in a custom Séura TV Mirror for your home? Our highly qualified Paragon team is here to assist. Call us today at (734) 662-3595 or email us to schedule a consultation.

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Séura is an award-winning manufacturer that offers a wide range of constantly evolving mirror and TV solutions. Whether indoors or outdoors, Séura fits every application and space. The Séura product portfolio includes: Waterproof Outdoor TVs, Smart Mirror TVs, Waterproof Bathroom TVs, and Lighted Vanity Mirrors.

Every Séura TV and Mirror is designed and built-to-order to complement your space. Séura offers many customizations and unique design options including display size, TV screen size, designer frames, lighting, and more.

Paragon technicians will spec and install your custom Séura TV. In addition, we can also integrate your Séura TV into your home automation and control system. Interested in a custom Séura product for your home? Our highly qualified Paragon team is here to assist, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

Séura offers fully waterproof TVs, designed for either low-sun areas, like covered decks, or high-sun areas near a pool or open deck. Once installed, a Séura TV is built to live outside all year round, and brave all the elements.

Séura Outdoor TVs are made to withstand all seasons' weather while providing exceptional performance. From extreme temperatures to rain, snow, and dust, Séura Outdoor TVs are engineered to endure anything Mother Nature throws their way.

With screens as large as 86 inches, Séura Outdoor TVs are designed to fit seamlessly in your outdoor space. Carefully calibrated for use in shade or full sun, Séura Outdoor TVs are the best and brightest in their class. With screens that are three times brighter than indoor TVs, a Séura TV casts a picture you can actually see even in bright sunlight. Every Séura Outdoor TV boasts exquisitely vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology.

Séura’s superior performance is backed by a 2-year warranty, offering worry-free, reliable entertainment in every environment.

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Transform an Elegant Mirror into a TV On-Command

Seamlessly incorporate video into bathrooms, dressing rooms, workout rooms, and spas without ever having to see the TV. Séura’s specially formulated vanishing glass technology closely resembles traditional silver mirror glass, providing excellent mirror reflectivity, while also allowing the television to completely disappear when turned off.

Séura TV mirrors are custom configurable. A standard Séura TV mirrors build offers 2 standard TV sizes and 3 standard mirror sizes. Other custom configurations are available via a special quote. Séura TV Mirror customizations include Smart TV capabilities, mirror size, lighting, personalized frames, and more. To learn more about Séura TV Mirrors, contact the Paragon team today for a quotation.

Enjoy entertainment without compromising on design. Séura TV Mirrors are created to reflect your style, not distract from it. A beautiful mirror that magically transforms into a high-performance TV when switched on. Séura Entertainment TVs offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the design of your home.

Séura Entertainment TV Mirrors are indistinguishable from a framed mirror when off, allowing you to design a room without having to worry about a clashing black rectangle on the wall. Impressive 4K TV picture quality is paired with vanishing glass technology, providing exceptional mirror reflectivity while making it possible for the TV to completely disappear when turned off.

Séura TV mirrors are custom configurable, customizations include Smart TV capabilities, mirror size, lighting, personalized frames, and more. Interested in a custom Séura TV mirror? Contact the Paragon team today for a quotation.


See Yourself in the Best LED Light

Bring abundant, bright light into your bathroom without adding fixtures. Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior reflectivity and seamless integration make Séura’s lighted mirrors perfect for your bathroom project.

All Séura lighted mirrors feature Brilliant LED Technology, which offers superior brightness and design flexibility compared to traditional lamps. Séura is leading the industry with 95+ CRI LEDs bringing the most natural light possible into the bathroom.

Séura offers 14 standard mirror sizes and 6 standard lighting designs. Other custom mirror sizes, frames and technology options are available upon request.

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Designed to Withstand Wet Environments

Séura Hydra Indoor Waterproof TVs are designed to perform wherever you want them. Whether soaking or showering, Séura Indoor Waterproof TVs provide a modern touch that brings video where video has never gone before.

Séura Hydra TVs are engineered for wet environments. Whether you place your TV in a shower or next to the bathtub you can enjoy a safe, fog-free viewing experience.

A Hydra TV by Séura is uniquely designed to sit seamlessly within the walls of your home. So you can enjoy watching TV without compromising your look nor counter space.

Séura Waterproof TVs can also be installed your kitchen or home sauna.

About Séura

Established in 2003, Séura has quickly become an award-winning manufacturer of mirror and waterproof TV solutions with indoor and outdoor applications. Séura draws inspiration for both its name and its design philosophy from the work of Georges Seurat, the influential late-19th century French pointillist painter. Just as clusters of paint work together on Seurat’s canvases to create a masterpiece, pixels of a TV screen form one cohesive image. All Séura TVs are made in the USA at their facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Séura is also a certified Woman-owned Business Enterprise.

Paragon has been a Séura integrator since 2005. Our technicians have years of expertise in customizing and installing Séura TVs. Every Séura TV is customizable and can be built-to-order to fit perfectly in your home. To find out how a Séura Mirror TV or Waterproof TV can evolve your room, contact us to schedule a consultation.