An American manufacturer of custom speakers built in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Leon Speakers is a leader in high-performance on-wall, in-wall, bookshelf, and outdoor loudspeakers. Leon offers a handcrafted range of elegant loudspeaker solutions – seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces. With limitless custom designs and finish options, Leon Speakers make audio integration a fine art.

Leon is recognized throughout the industry for their award-winning sound and unrivaled level of customization. Each speaker that leaves their Ann Arbor shop is built by hand, custom tailored to your exact specifications—whether it’s built to match the dimensions of your display or finished to integrate with the décor, their products will deliver Picture Perfect Sound®.

To see how Leon Speakers can deliver refined listening experiences for music, movies, and television in your space, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Custom soundbars built to match any TV

Leon’s Horizon Series soundbars are custom built to match the exact width of any TV, providing high-performance audio with a discreet aesthetic, perfect for any system.

Choose from a wide selection of models in the Horizon Series, to find the soundbar that delivers the perfect performance for your space and value for your budget.

The Horizon™ Hz44 Soundbar, a popular choice, offers the best and most accessible world-class sound on the market. This soundbar is as thin as 2.25″ deep, and utilizes high-performance woofers and cloth-dome tweeters, with several available upgrades, to create a true high-fidelity system.

Leon’s soundbars are available in three different configurations to fit up to three channels of audio in one cabinet depending on the needs of the system. Choose from L/C/R, L/R or Center-only channel speakers.


Conceal or adorn any TV with art and custom frames

Media Décor is a series unique to Leon Speakers. At Paragon, we love this product because we believe it enhances every multifunctional living space. Media Décor enables you to have a television in a living room setting and conceal your TV with a click of a button.

Bringing harmony to your home, Media Décor elegantly blends design with technology to enhance the entertainment environment. Leon’s Media Décor products are custom-designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, concealing any TV with beautiful artwork and handcrafted frames.

Leon’s Moving Art Screens elegantly frame your TV, concealing it behind beautifully printed artwork. Choose from curated art and frame galleries to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece that perfectly complements your décor.

The premier Moving Art Screen, features a patented movement that silently scrolls artwork up and down. Using magnetic tensioning to hold art flush to the back of the frame, the art screen provides a seamless solution for TV concealment. Available for both recessed and surface-mounted applications with thousands of art and frame combinations to choose from, the Elite Moving Art Screen is a refined way to tastefully incorporate technology into your home.

Don’t like any pieces in Leon’s art gallery? For a more personalized aesthetic, Leon can work with personal photographs and create custom artwork.

You can view a Moving Art Screen in Paragon's Automated Conference Room.

Leon's designer series of Eclipse Art Lifts keep your artwork on full display, while giving you the flexibility to create a modern home entertaining space. At the touch of a button, you can elegantly slide any piece of original artwork, mirror, or decorative panel to reveal and conceal the TV behind it—all with no visible tracks.

Choose which model best suits your space: Eclipse Vertical for up-down, Eclipse Horizontal for left-right, or Dual Eclipse to split art down the center, moving it to either side of the display. The Eclipse Horizontal works with TVs up to 70" diagonal, while the Eclipse Vertical and Dual Eclipse can cover TVs up to 95" diagonal.

Key Features:

  • Artwork: Use existing art, decorative panels, or mirrors from your personal collection
  • Silent operation powered by industry-leading Lutron® motors
  • Recess-mounted with no visible tracks for a streamlined look
  • Easily integrates with today’s most popular home automation systems and universal remotes
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA

Inspired by midcentury media furnishings, Leon’s Edge Media Frame encases any TV in one simple design. Handcrafted out of solid hardwood and custom-finished to blend seamlessly into the décor, Edge brings the finishing touch to any home entertainment system.

Adorn your TV with Edge, a custom-built, solid hardwood frame and sophisticated mounting system that elegantly encases any display. Designed to conceal all borders of the TV while providing integrated ventilation for the electronics, Edge is available in a variety of finishes to bring a streamlined aesthetic to any space.

Key Features:

  • Built-to-order to accommodate any TV
  • Offers the look of a built-in unit without the added cost and construction
  • Magnetic frame is easily removed for service or maintenance
  • Includes TV mount with leveling adjustments and tilt for wiring access
  • Hides all wiring, TV sides, top & bottom
  • Handcrafted from solid hardwood
  • Proudly custom-built in the USA
Get the complete listening experience by adding a custom built soundbar from Leon Speakers.

Leon’s Ente Sound Tile for Sonos Amp brings art and music together to create a plug and play zone of Sonos unlike any other. Powered by the new Sonos Amp, the Ente Sound Tile delivers reference-grade audio with all the usability of the Sonos platform. And with hundreds of artwork options to choose from, the Ente Sound Tile provides a blank canvas to add your personal style to any room in the home.

What's included?

  • Full-range stereo sound: Two-channels of audio with brilliant sound quality optimized to pair with Sonos Amp
  • Sonos Amp: The most versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment
  • Screen-printed artwork: Choose from hundreds of artwork options in our gallery, or use your personal artwork
The Ente is framed in solid birch wood, and the art canvas is actually a perforated metal magnetic grill for easy access to your sound equipment.

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Immersive Sound, Discrete Design

Leon's Axis Series in-ceiling speakers are perfect for distributed audio, surrounds, or anywhere you want music in your home.

Available in two models in both open back and sealed enclosures, Leon’s Axis in-ceiling speakers combine high-performance audio with an unobtrusive aesthetic.

Axis Series speakers are available with circle or square grills that can be custom-painted to match any color, or custom printed with patterns or graphics. Contact us for details.

Leon’s benchmade Vault in-wall speakers can be used to create high-performance theater systems or as rear channels to complement their Horizon or Profile Series speakers.

Leon’s Vault Series in-wall speakers are handcrafted from solid MDF to prevent sound from traveling into other rooms, while the aluminum baffle provides structural rigidity to reduce resonance—providing articulate high end, and refined bass.

Leon’s custom shop can match any paint color so that your speakers become part of the design.


Sound in harmony with your decor

Custom built to match the height and finish of any TV, Leon's Profile Series speakers deliver high performance audio with a discreet design, perfect for any home entertainment space.

Each Profile speaker is built to match the height of your TV. Choose from six models to achieve the perfect audio solution for your space.

Stereo or Multichannel: Leon’s Profile Series speakers are available in two configurations to add high-fidelity audio in L/R stereo or in L/C/R for surround-sound applications.

Leon can materialize the vision of any designer. From the cabinetry to hand-dyed grills cloths, they can match the color of any decor.

Leon's compact Detail surround speakers are handcrafted and sonically-matched to their front soundstage speakers, offering a multi-channel high-fidelity theater experience in any room.

Starting with just a paint code or color swatch, Leon’s Detail surround speakers can be custom painted to match any wall color or hardwood. At less than 4” deep, they can be wall mounted to disappear into the décor.

For seamless acoustic performance, we recommend that Detail surrounds be paired with a Leon Horizon soundbar or Leon Profile speakers.

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All Weather Outdoor Audio Speakers

Terra LuminSound (LS) Series speakers offer great sound and lighting for your great outdoors! Incorporating LED lighting and sound in one compact, all-weather design, Terra LuminSound provides adjustable path or landscape lighting while allowing precise aiming of high-fidelity sound for max coverage.

The LS Series consists of two models, the LS10 and LS32. The LS10 is available as a speaker-only, or as a speaker with a halo top light. The LS32 is available in four configurations: speaker-only, speaker with halo light, speaker with directional path lighting, or speaker with both halo and path lights.

The LS10 creates an impressive sounding but visually unobtrusive outdoor audio system. Only 10-inches tall and tapering from a maximum of 7-inches in diameter, the LS 10 contains a 5.25-inch ACAD coaxial driver in a totally weather tight enclosure. The driver is mounted at a 35 degree up-tilt to ensure proper sound coverage even though the LS10 will most often be mounted at ground level. The LS10 will visually blend well within landscaping, and works in combination with other LS32 and LS10 speakers.

The flagship LS32 is an attractive, compact black bollard that fits well into any type of landscaping. At 32.5-inches high and 7-inches maximum diameter it’s designed to provide adjustable path and/or landscape lighting while allowing precise aiming of high fidelity sound for maximum acoustic enjoyment. The upper audio section of the LS32 houses a 5.25-inch coaxial weatherproof speaker with an ACAD ceramic aluminum cone and a 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter. The speaker housing can be rotated up to 358 degrees to direct the sound wherever you want it.


Featuring extremely durable, angularly molded Polypropylene enclosures, The Terra FIVE series of all weather, outdoor speakers delivers high-performance sound while keeping the elements at bay. Their shape is perfect for fitting under roof overhangs, on patios, under decks, and more.

The Terra FIVE was developed at the request of customers who liked the performance of Terra SIX but wanted a smaller form factor to fit install challenges and space demands. The Terra FIVE answers that call.

Like the Terra SIX, the FIVE series is made with an all-climate UniCavity™ enclosure. These enclosures have been designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements while providing high quality sound wherever you want it.

Their modern, angularly molded Polypropylene enclosures keep the elements at bay. It also reduces sonic distortion. Every component part of the Terra 50 Series has been carefully designed and manufactured to deliver reliable sound for years without maintenance or special care. Terra’s Location Balanced Sound™ assures you of excellent performance no matter where the speaker is mounted.

The Terra SIX series consists of three speaker models of differing sizes, the Tr50, Tr50 MT, and Tr50 MTM, and a Tr SUB 12 partial burial subwoofer.

The Terra SIX series of outdoor speakers feature rotationally molded Polypropylene enclosures that can withstand continuous exposure to the elements while providing high quality sound in any location.

As with all Terra speakers, every component part of the Terra SIX has been carefully designed and manufactured to deliver reliable sound for years without maintenance or special care. Their attractive, round-molded UniCavity enclosures simultaneously keep the elements at bay while reducing sonic distortion.

Terra’s Location Balanced Sound™ assures you of excellent performance whenever the speakers are mounted to a building or other surface. And the universal mounting bracket makes it easy to locate the Terra SIX most anywhere you might want to. Attractive style, superb sound, flexible mounting and built in Maine, the Terra SIX is an excellent choice in outdoor sound.

The Terra SIX series consists of three speaker models of differing sizes, the Tr60, Tr60 MT, and Tr60 MTM, and a Tr SUB 12 partial burial subwoofer.

Built from ultra-durable aluminum and finished with a robust UV-resistance coating, Terra Boundary outdoor speakers are the perfect companion for outdoor entertainment.

Featuring marine-grade drivers, a robust UV and salwater resistant finish, and a precision-fit waterproof cabinet, the Boundary Series was designed to withstand the elements-all while providing audiophile accuracy and imaging with ultimate precision.

The Boundary Series is composed of two speaker models: the smaller B115LX and the large B505LX.

The B115LX features one five-inch outdoor aluminum cone woofer for extreme durability and performance, and one-inch aluminum-magnesium dome tweeters specially designed for outdoor use. The B505LX features two five-inch outdoor aluminum cone woofers for extreme performance, and one-inch aluminum-magnesium dome tweeters designed for all-weather conditions.

Everything from the marine-grade drivers to the perforated metal grill is Made in America with pride.


Add Style to your Sonos Speakers

Seamlessly integrate Sonos into any space with Leon’s new, patent-pending Tonecase FIT Universal, a streamlined mounting system that attaches any Sonos soundbar directly to the TV. Each system is outfitted with a custom-grill made to match the width of your TV. concealing it behind a custom-width grille for a design-friendly look. The Tonecase FIT fully integrates the Sonos soundbar with your TV to create a seamless design-friendly style.

Key Features:

  • Works with: Sonos Arc®, Sonos Playbar®, & Sonos Beam
  • Accommodates TVs up to 90” diag.
  • Includes a custom grill built to match the exact width of your TV
  • Mounting hardware included

Handcrafted from solid Oak or Walnut, Leon's Tonecase products fit any Sonos bookshelf speaker to customize your style.

Leon's Hardwood is designed to perfectly house your Sonos speaker, while leaving access for all controls and wire management.

Compatible with Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3, and Play:5

Includes hand-stretched, acoustically transparent fabric grill.

Leon offers the most versatile mounting brackets for your Sonos speakers.

TcFLEX-One: Mount the Sonos ONE, Sonos ONE SL, or Play:1 directly to the wall over a standard-sized electrical outlet, while concealing the outlet and power cord. And with vertical and horizontal points of articulation, the TcFLEX-ONE allows you to direct the sound to your listening position.

TcUMB: Mount the Sonos Playbar directly below any display or directly to the wall, while providing easy access to all controls.

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Ideal for dedicated audio systems

Custom built-to-order from solid hardwood, the Timbre Series provides home theater like sound with stunning musicality.

Handcrafted from solid hardwood, Timbre features a timeless, classic design, while also providing rigid acoustic suspension for full-range sound.

Choose from four speaker models which differ in cabinet and driver sizes - although the Timbre SEVENs are a cut-above.

Leon’s flagship Timbre SEVEN bookshelf speakers celebrate a 20-year history of American craftsmanship, sound engineering, and timeless aesthetics. Each speaker features handmade 7-inch aluminum cone woofers and 25mm cloth-dome tweeters mounted in a solid billet aluminum baffle. The cabinet is handcrafted from 1” solid hardwood butcher-block and hand finished to bring out the natural character of the wood.



Bringing live music to more people and more spaces

The Leon Loft is an intimate, live performance space upstairs at the Leon Speakers headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This space has welcomed some of today’s biggest touring artists to the stage for a live recording of Acoustic Cafe with Rob Reinhart, all broadcast live on Ann Arbor's 107one radio station. Previous musical guests include Guster, Fitz & the Tantrums, Iron & Wine, and more.

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About Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers mixes art with audio, and design with technology. The staff at Leon are a group of artists, designers, engineers, and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing the finest quality bench-made American audio. For almost 20 years, Leon has been meticulously handcrafting a full palette of custom speakers, sound sculptures, and audio-visual treatments, all designed and manufactured in the United States. Leon Speakers is credited as a pioneer in the soundbar category, and for almost a decade, they've had the privilege of being named to CE Pro 100's Top Soundbar Brands.

Paragon has been partnered with Leon Speakers since its inception, nearly twenty years ago. Larry has enjoyed a close personal friendship with the owner/founder of Leon Speakers, Noah Kaplan. As an Ann Arbor A/V retailer, Paragon is dedicated to supporting Leon Speakers, whose manufacturing & corporate headquarters are here in Ann Arbor. Beyond friendship and locality, we value Leon Speakers as product innovators who care as much about design style as sound. Leon is committed to delivering amazing sonic performance in speakers that are discrete and neutral to your home decor. As local partners, our customers receive timely customer service and support. To find out how Leon Speakers can transform your space, contact us to schedule a consultation.