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Smart Home technology is now standard inside many homes, and that tech now extends outside into modern outdoor living spaces. Your outdoor space can include music, video, lighting control, camera surveillance, and more. If you already have an indoor smart system, we can even integrate your outdoor system control into your indoor systems, offering seamless control at your fingertips.

Our Paragon Smart team is well versed in outdoor tech and offers design and installation of outdoor systems to seamlessly integrate with your Smart Home. To learn how Paragon can enhance your backyard experience, contact us to schedule a consultation today.



At Paragon, we don't push pre-set cookie-cutter systems. We believe that each system should be custom designed to fit our client's preferences and their space. Our Paragon smart home design team considers performance, product placement, required electronics, wiring runs, lighting, system control, and more. When we design an outdoor system, we consider all of these factors and we work with you to find what fits your personal taste and budget.

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Whether you’re relaxing on your deck, by the pool, or hanging out at the barbecue, music enhances the natural beauty of your yard and sets the tone for how you spend your leisure time. We can accomplish outdoor music with a variety of speaker types, which differ in size, style, placement, and performance. Paragon's selection of outdoor speakers range from speakers that can be mounted to your home's exterior or deck, to in-ceiling speakers for your three-seasons room, or even landscape speakers that blend into your garden and spread sound throughout your yard. Check-out three of our speaker vendors below - who offer a wide selection of outdoor speaker solutions to fit your exact needs.

One of our favorite outdoor speaker options is the Sonance Landscape Series (LS) speakers. Tuck these waterproof speakers and underground subwoofer amongst your landscape planting, and crystal clear music will seemingly emanate from the foliage, creating atmosphere and ambiance - without disturbing your neighbors.

LS speakers are placed near the perimeter of the property and are directed inwards, towards the listening area. The result is a blanket of sound in your yard, and minimal sound spillover into your neighbor’s property. The LS speakers look like landscape lights, and mounting options allow them to be tucked away behind bushes, under plants, or beside structures. The subwoofer is buried underground with an exposed mushroom top that distributes bass energy, depth, and punch you’d never expect outside. The LS series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly even-coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space.

If landscape speakers aren't the right solution for you, Sonance has an assortment of other outdoor speaker options, including rock speakers, mounted marine speakers, and weatherproof in-ceiling speakers. To find more information on these products, visit our Sonance brand page.


For those who want to enjoy the weather but not miss your sports game, outdoor waterproof TVs are a great addition to your outdoor system. It’s a crisp, cool Saturday in October and football is in the air. If you don’t have a ticket to the game, hanging out with friends in your backyard and watching the game on your outdoor TV is a blast. In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of “outdoor ready” video options. The Paragon team has installed plenty of outdoor TVs and we know all the tricks to selecting the best location. We've highlighted our two most popular outdoor TV vendors below.

Séura has developed fully waterproof TVs, designed for either low-sun areas, such as covered decks, or high-sun areas near a pool or open deck. Today’s outdoor TVs live outside all year round, so you can brave the elements and watch everything from the frozen four to the final four.

Séura Outdoor TVs are built to stay outside year round, and made to withstand all of Earth’s elements while providing exceptional and reliable performance. From extreme temperatures to rain, snow, and dust, Séura Outdoor TVs are engineered to endure anything Mother Nature throws their way.

With screens as large as 86 inches, Séura’s full line of sleek Outdoor TVs were designed to fit seamlessly in your outdoor space. Enjoy a sleek, modern design – including a new micro edge that delivers an ultra-thin bezel for nearly borderless viewing. Carefully calibrated for use in shade or full sun, Séura’s Outdoor TVs are the best and brightest in their class. With screens that are three times brighter than indoor TVs, Séura Outdoor TVs cast a picture you can actually see in bright sunlight. Every Séura Outdoor TV boasts exquisitely vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology.

Séura’s 2-year warranty offers peace of mind for outdoor TV use. Verified safe for your outdoor space, our TVs offer worry-free performance for reliable and safe entertainment in every environment.

Interested in a Shade Series or Ultra Bright Outdoor TV by Séura? Contact the Paragon team for a consultation or quote.



Your luxury home is not complete without a home theater or media room to enjoy the latest movies, your favorite sports teams, or even video games. Paragon Sight & Sound offers a wide range of home theater products; from high performance projectors and screens to surround-sound speakers and even theater chairs & sectionals. Our certified audio & video professionals will design, install, and calibrate your home theater system for ultimate performance and enjoyment.


With Savant, you can airplay audio throughout your outdoor music system, direct from your device, and even simultaneously play different music in different zones inside & outside your home.

Savant Pro controls all your music with one experience across all your devices: mobile, Savant Remotes, and in-wall touch screens. Enjoy instant access to your stored collection of media from any device & in any space, indoors or out.

Browse music in your favorite streaming services without leaving the Savant Pro App, so you can easily stream Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and more.


To complete your outdoor system control, you will need some basic electronics as well as wiring. For basic outdoor music systems, you will need a distributed audio amplifier to power the speakers. You also want to consider your music source, or how you want to play music through the system. The most popular music source is to wirelessly stream music through your system. To have this capability, you will need a music streamer component. If you want total smart home control, add a Savant host, and you can integrate many systems into one remote: music, lighting, video, security, climate, etc.

The advantage to working with Paragon is that we consider all of these aspects when we consult with you. We know the right questions to ask, and we know that details matter. Our goal is to design and install a system that works exactly how you want. Ready to get started?


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