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Samsung QLED 8K UHD HDR TVs - The Entertainment of Tomorrow

Once you experience 8K, there’s no going back. An unprecedented level of detail and color flows through each frame, powered by an intelligent processor which instantly upscales content to 8K quality. See the mind-blowing sharpness and depth of real 8K with 16 times more resolution than HDTV. Feel the power of every frame with 33 million pixels at ultimate clarity. Combined with the immersive audio of Object Tracking Sound+, it’s a cinematic experience that’s impossible to resist.

Experience rich, accurate color, deeper contrast, and improved brightness so you can enjoy more breathtaking detail. The HDR10+ setting is advanced technology that adjusts color and contrast scene by scene, delivering a rich, dynamic, and realistic picture that feels like it is jumping off the screen. It utilizes metadata to tell your TV how to show HDR content, upgrading the view as you're watching a video.

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