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Experience rich cinematic adventures at home with Epson home theater projectors. Whether you enjoy movies, games, or sporting events, every image is sure to pop off the screen with their state-of-the-art, innovative projector features.

Epson’s history spans more than 100 years, with a heritage that began in watch-making and led to the invention of the world’s first quartz watch along with many other technology “firsts.” This long tradition of creating products that are smaller and more precise continues today, with the development of some of the world’s most advanced micro-mechantronic capabilities for ultra-fine, high-precision processing.

It's the company’s vision to drive Digital Image Innovation by providing cutting-edge imaging solutions, focused on the fields of imaging on paper, imaging on screen, and imaging on glass. From mainstream consumers to elite A/V enthusiasts, Epson has a home theater projector for every need.

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