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Music is the soundtrack to your life. And Linn makes it better.

Established in 1973 by Ivor Tiefenbrun, Scotland-based audio manufacturers Linn emerged from a single vision: to enhance home music systems through precision engineering and relentless experimentation.

About Linn

At the core of Linn's ethos is their commitment to the pure enjoyment of music. Rather than relying on technical specifications, they champion direct A/B demonstrations, prioritizing the emotional connection between listener and music.

In a world of planned obsolescence, Linn staunchly does the opposite. Their hardware is modular and their software upgradeable. That means the best possible sound not just today, but for the lifetime of the product.

Built for the Future, Honoring the Past

Paragon's new collaboration with Linn allows us to present Linn's complete current product line in our Ann Arbor, MI showroom, in addition to a new audition space exclusively showcasing Linn's exceptional products.

At Paragon Sight & Sound, our partnership with Linn signifies a relationship built for the future while honoring the rich heritage of both brands.

Full Systems by Linn

Utilize a Linn DSM network music player as the core of your system with various inputs and outputs for improved sound quality. Pair with amplification and loudspeakers for exceptional audio clarity and power.

Linn Klimax System

A complete, integrated package with superlative sonic performance.

Linn 530 System

Impeccable sound & style, tailored for you.

Linn Turntables

Unmatched for five decades, Sondek LP12 remains the pinnacle of record player design.

Linn Power Amplifiers

The Power of Silence.

Linn Series 3

A design that fits your life.

A sound quality that makes it.

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Questions about Linn?

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