Wilson Audio Certified Authentic™ is the cornerstone of Wilson’s ongoing effort to ensure that second-hand Wilson owners experience many of the same benefits as if they purchased their speakers new. The Certified Authentic™ program is offered exclusively through Authorized Wilson Dealers in North America.

Rest assured that all Wilson Certified Authentic™ speakers are subjected to a rigorous certification process according to Wilson's exacting standards. The recertification process includes listening evaluations including measurement tests, and refurbishing procedures including replacing resistors, adjusting driver torque, cleaning, and cosmetic refurbishing. Certified Authentic™ speakers come equipped with a complete tool kit and a Factory Warranty. The warranty length varies based on professional installation and the age of the speaker.

Wilson Audio stocks parts for every model it has ever made during its 45-year history, so every Wilson loudspeaker, regardless of vintage, is eligible for the Certified Authentic™ program. Wilson’s legendary build quality ensures that even the oldest models can be brought back to their original performance.

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Certified Authentic™ Pre-Owned
Pre-owned Wilson speakers that are authenticated in the field by a Wilson Authorized Dealer. The field recertification process involves field listening and measurement tests, resistor replacement, touch-up paint, and repolish.

Certified Authentic™ Factory Tested
These loudspeakers are authenticated and recertified at the Wilson Factory. The certification process includes the same factory measurement tests, cosmetic polishing, and factory frisking as a new speaker.

Certified Authentic™ Never Titled
Loudspeakers that have never been sold to an end user. This includes speakers that were used as dealer demos, show loaners, open stock, or for other reasons have been opened but never sold. Certified Authentic™ Never Titled speakers can be field-certified or factory-certified.


Understanding the differences in the warranty periods

The factory warranty period for Wilson Certified Authentic™ depends on the speakers' category, age, and professional installation.

Without Professional Installation (Self-Install)
No matter the category or age, if the speakers are not professionally installed, then the Certified Authentic™ speakers have a one-year factory warranty.

Certified Authentic™ Pre-Owned or Factory Tested
If the Wilson loudspeaker is still under its original warranty, then the speakers have the remainder of the 5-year warranty or a 3-year warranty, whichever is longer. If the speaker is out of its original warranty but less than 10 years old, then it comes with a 3-year factory warranty. If the speaker is more than 10 years old, then its warranty period is 2-years.*

Certified Authentic™ Never Titled
These loudspeakers come with the full original 5-year factory warranty.*

*This warranty is contingent on the speakers being professionally installed to receive the full applicable warranty period.

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Take advantage of Paragon's expertise.

Wilson Certified Authentic™ speakers come with a factory warranty, but the warranty period is variable in large part on professional installation. Professional installation guarantees a longer warranty period, adding as much as 1 to 4 years to the warranty. In short, professional installation is worth the additional investment.

Paragon's staff is well-trained in the art of Wilson loudspeaker setup, including the intricacy of proper time-domain adjustment. Proper setup, which considers the specifics of your environment, is the only way to truly realize the ultimate performance from your Wilson loudspeaker. Installation by Paragon not only maximizes your investment, but more importantly, ensures paramount performance and enjoyment.


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About Wilson Audio

For decades, our friends at Wilson Audio have worked towards ultimate perfection in loudspeaker design. Wilson Audio speakers are heralded by musicians, recording professionals and audiophiles everywhere, as the best in the world. Wilson speakers are known for their unparalleled craftsmanship, unyielding dynamics, precise imaging, and pinpoint accuracy. We are very passionate about Wilson Audio and truly believe that they are the finest American-made loudspeakers.

Paragon has been a Wilson Audio dealer since 1995, and has long been one of their premier dealers. In fact, Paragon has earned the "Top Dealer" title from Wilson Audio for eight of the last ten years! Wilson Audio speakers are by-far Paragon's most esteemed luxury loudspeaker, with customers returning time-and-again to upgrade. With decades of experience, Paragon's staff are experts in Wilson loudspeaker installation. At Paragon, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect set-up on every install, and providing our customers maximum performance and optimal enjoyment.


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