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When buying compact speakers, remember to accessorize your speakers with stands and mounts! Most bookshelf speakers have optional speaker stands available, which are often designed to enhance the speaker's sound. Wall-mounting speakers can bring music into rooms with limited floor-space. Browse Paragon's available speaker stands and mounts below.
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DS Audio HS-001 Head Shell
DS Audio HS-001 Head Shell
DS Audio HS-001 Head Shell


Speaker stands and wall-mounts give you options for your home audio system installation. Speaker stands transform your bookshelf speakers into floor-standing speakers - which offers flexibility for speaker placement and room optimization. If you have limited floor-space, or you want a discrete audio system, wall-mounted speakers produce great sound from a low-profile. Many speaker mounts are not listed online because Paragon custom-installs these products. Browse our selection of speaker stands and mounts here.