Stewart Filmscreens for Home Theaters, Outdoors & Conference Rooms

Collection: Stewart Filmscreens for Home Theaters, Outdoors & Conference Rooms

Stewart has the filmscreen solution for all of your viewing needs, including dedicated home theater screens, screens for outdoor entertainment, and screens boardrooms and conference rooms.

Stewart screens work beautifully with a wide range of projectors. There are a wide-range of custom screen fabrics from Stewart made to match a specific image size and projector light output, this professional pairing results in the ultimate performance & picture clarity.

It's widely known that the best projection results are obtained in darkened rooms, which enhances black/white contrast and picture resolution. However, Stewart has created a gray screen technology fabric solution that allows a certain amount of ambient light in the room without dramatically impacting screen performance. Letting you get the home theater experience in a wider range of room applications.

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