Transparent XL PowerIsolator

XL PowerIsolator is the perfect surge-spike protection and power conditioning solution for Connoisseur Level music and film systems. It works well with ULTIMATE and TRANSCENDENT Companions to provide superior component isolation, and unrestricted, noise-free power. It has 4 high-current US outlets in 2 isolated banks.




Compared to REFERENCE PowerIsolator, XL PowerIsolator has superior isolation between outlet banks and more realizable power transfer capabilities. More realizable power reduces noise, promotes superior tonal fidelity, and increases dynamic range. Its parallel filter circuit design does not restrict current and delivers all the power your components crave.

Its hybrid extruded-aluminum and non-magnetic thermoformed polymer enclosure promotes electromagnetic field expansion and allows more fluid and robust dynamics. Adjustable, precision machined isolation feet reduce vibration further and come with soft or hard contact options to work more effectively on a variety of different types of surfaces. Internal cross bracing and additional proprietary epoxy loading damp resonances and vibration.

Its attractive compact form easily sits on the floor dedicated to amplifiers, or two units can fit neatly on a standard shelf to accommodate source components.

XL PowerIsolator is handcrafted in the USA and has a Transparent Connected Equipment Warranty. In addition to avalanche-diode surge protection that is instantaneous and never wears out, it has gigabit network source surge protection and coaxial source surge protection.

XL PowerIsolator comes with an XL Power Cord for the wall outlet connection. Transparent recommends using XL Power Cords with all associated components.



  • 4 high-current, grounded, noise-isolated USA outlets.
  • 2 separate noise-isolated banks for all types of components including power amplifiers.
  • Gigabit Ethernet surge protection.
  • Parallel filter circuit design does not restrict current.
  • Parallel hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker provides failsafe circuit protection without limiting current.
  • Detachable high-current XL Power Cord.
  • Dimensions: 11.65" deep x 9.15" wide x 4.26" tall
  • Weight: 17 lbs.

This product is available for purchase in-store only.

All Transparent power conditioners have a strong connected components warranty in the event that a power surge causes damage to your components.