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(Part 1) Wilson Audio & Paragon Sight & Sound: Putting "Family" in Family Business

Part 1 of 2. Fellow family-owned businesses Wilson Audio & Paragon Sight & Sound have a long history and have not only influenced each other as companies, but as confidants, friends, families who always put their people first.
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(Part 2) Wilson Audio & Paragon Sight & Sound: Building Great Products & Partnerships

Part 2 of 2. We dive into what makes Wilson the finest American loudspeaker--and what it takes to be a great partner who represents the Wilson name.
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HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) at Paragon:
Engineering for Emotion

See why HRS is Paragon Sight & Sound's choice for top-of-the-line racks, bases, and noise isolation, as well as what makes our brand/dealer partnership so strong.
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Clearaudio at Paragon: German-Made Excellence in the U.S.

Clearaudio turntables are among the best in the industry, from their gorgeous fit & finish, to musical yet detailed sound, to impeccable machining. But there are many other aspects of Paragon and Clearaudio's partnership that make it such a perfect match including their United States importer & distributor, Musical Surroundings.
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Paragon & Transparent: A Partnership of Passion & Objective Quality

Paragon Sight & Sound has been a proud dealer of Transparent Audio since 1994, and we are honored to be one of their Top Dealers every year since 2010. Transparent's quality, reliability, price point options, and unparalleled upgrade program make them an obvious choice for all of your cable & power conditioner needs.
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Intro to Analog Audio Cables -- RCA, Phono, XLR, Speaker, & Headphones Cables

If you're getting into hifi but feel a little intimidated by the concept of cabling, look no further! Our GM Amanda guides us through the basics of Analog Audio Cables.
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How Paragon Puts the Objective into Your Subjective

You may have seen the phrase “put some objective in your subjective” in Paragon’s recent messaging. And make no mistake, a lot of what we do is highly subjective. What you like to listen to, what you like to watch, and how you like to do it is a very personal choice.
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New to tubes? Start with the Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amp

Audio Research's I/50 Integrated Amplifier is the perfect amp for people new to tube amps or hi-fi in general. Richard gives us the run-down on this small but powerful unit, from features and specs to deciding whether the I/50 would be a good fit for your system.
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Wilson Audio Alexx versus Alexx V

Wilson's engineering team went through each of the critical sub-systems found in the Alexx® and upgraded, or re-engineered, many of its components. Join us as we explore some of the highlights of Alexx versus Alexx V.
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Wilson Audio Alexx V | Materials

Alexx V is an extraordinarily adaptable design. Carrying over elements from its larger siblings, such as the XLF reversible woofer port and independently adjustable modules, allow this system to be elegantly tailored to your listening room. These tools built into the DNA of Alexx V allow for greater ease of installation into a wider variety of listening spaces, thus permitting the listener to truly experience the depth and ability of this system.
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Wilson Audio Alexx V | Acoustic Diode

The Wilson Special Applications Engineering Team is excited to announce the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode™ (AD Spike for short). At the heart of the Acoustic Diode is Wilson's proprietary “V Material.” This superior constrained layer damping composite is unsurpassed in vibration absorption and resonance control.
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The Origins of Relentless

Dan D'Agostino discusses the origins of the Relentless Monoblock Amplifier.
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WOM Experience Center

Discover Paragon's World of McIntosh Experience Center.
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Installing the McIntosh Reference System

Watch the Paragon team install the McIntosh Reference System in our World of McIntosh Experience Center!
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Media Decor Installation at Paragon Sight & Sound

Watch our team install a Moving Art Screen by Media Decor! Media Decor is a division of Leon Speakers, and pictured is their Moving Art Screen Elite, with artwork by Marsha Hammel.
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Paragon Partners - The Best of the Best

Paragon Sight & Sound explores our vendor relationships, and what makes us great partners.
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