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Paragon Sight & Sound offers our clients the best-of-the-best. By continually evaluating a broad spectrum of two-channel audio components, we select products with the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and value – so that Paragon always represents "the best." In addition to choosing brands & components also represent "the best" in service. At Paragon, we pride ourselves on providing unmatched expertise, door-to-door delivery, white-glove installation, and outstanding after-sale customer service. Simply put, Paragon Sight & Sound provides the best protection of your investment.

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“Building your system is about having fun, and finding your ultimate music experience!"

At Paragon, we promise a store environment that is a “Dogma Free Zone.” This means that regardless of audiophile ideology, we are more concerned with what is true-to-your-ear. While we each have our favorite products, our staff is not here to prescribe a product doctrine. We have built our showroom to display a comprehensive assortment of product types and prices, so that our clients can find what sounds great to their ear. It's important to us that we provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience, so that you can have fun and find a stereo that gives you pleasure. After all, our goal is to help you to realize your dream system.


We make your experience efficient and personal.

The staff at Paragon believe in building a two-channel audio system the right way. We start by getting to know you, your stereo history, your listening preferences, and we build a system around you. Using our expertise in product capability, sonic signature, and price, we suggest and select products to fit your taste. Once we find your anchor products, we then encourage you to listen to how other components can build the performance of your system.

Paragon's staff is here to make your experience efficient and personal. Interested in auditioning a specific component or system-build? Contact Us today to schedule a personalized audition.


Audio Research (ARC)
Founded in Minneapolis in 1970, Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating audio manufacturers in the US. Audio Research was also at the forefront of reintroducing vacuum tubes (and their inimitable sound quality) at a time when solid state had become the norm. 

To learn more about Audio Research, click here.
Technical innovation and timeless design are the hallmarks of audio systems from Burmester. However, not only the visual impression, but also the touch and feel of operating a Burmester amplifier or CD player, leaves a lasting impression on any user. 

To learn more about Burmester, click here.
Since its inception in 1978, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than eighty countries worldwide with turntables, cartridges, tonearms & phonostages that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher.

To learn more about Clearaudio, click here.
Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems
In the world of high-end audio, Dan D’Agostino has an impressive and loyal audiophile following. With the birth of D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, Dan has translated more than 30 years of experience into a collection of revolutionary amplifier designs. 

To learn more, click here.
dCS Audio
One of the secrets to dCS’ success is their ability to combine world-class craftsmanship with cutting edge digital technology. dCS has developed the world’s most advanced digital to analogue converters, master clocks, and upsamplers. 

To learn more about dCS, click here.
McIntosh Labs
McIntosh Labs has created some of the finest audiophile home stereo equipment in use today. As the only World of McIntosh Experience Center in North America, Paragon proudly displays the full line of McIntosh products in our showroom, and we work with these products every day. 

To learn more about McIntosh, click here.
Sonus faber
In 1983, in the hills of Vicenza, Italy, Sonus faber (“crafter of sound”) was established by Franco Serblin. At a time when speaker cabinets were primarily boxy and angular, Franco favored curves over hard edges for their beauty and superior sound quality. Years later, Sonus faber designers continue to apply Franco’s core values to every speaker design. 

To learn more about Sonus faber, click here.
Transparent Audio
Transparent Audio offers a wide selection of speaker cables, balanced cables, single-ended cables, digital cables, phono cables, power cables, headphone cables, HDMI cables, and power conditioners. A visit to Paragon’s showroom will reveal that all our systems feature Transparent cables exclusively. 

To learn more about Transparent, click here.
Wilson Audio
For decades, our friends at Wilson Audio have worked towards ultimate perfection in loudspeaker design. Wilson Audio speakers are heralded by musicians, recording professionals and audiophiles everywhere, as the best in the world. Wilson speakers are by-far our most esteemed luxury loudspeaker, with customers returning time-and-again to upgrade.

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