EAT C-Sharp Turntable | Now Available at Paragon

EAT C-Sharp Turntable | Now Available at Paragon

Sep 03, 2020

"If you want virtually state-of-the-art phono playback for under $10,000, including cartridge, build your system starting with the time-tested EAT C Sharp Turntable and Arm Combo at its heart. The EAT C-Sharp Turntable Combination is that good! The EAT C-Sharp Turntable is the key piece and a no-holds-barred winner…My highest recommendation." - Bob Levi, Positive Feedback

EAT is led by Jozefina Lichtenegger, a woman with an eye for elegance and design, who went into the turntable business with a completely new approach.

European Audio Team wants to offer tables with the maximum of technology and performance, but which are still elegant looking. The Forte and Forte S, with their special designed superlative heavy platter, have been a revolution in the high-end audio market. Later, the E-Flat topped the concept with the first unseeable super flat high-end platter in a wonderful mass-loaded dual motor design.

The success of the E-Flat motivated EAT to bring an even more elegant and slim turntable to the market, which is how the C-Sharp was developed. 

The C-Sharp is one of the most highly reviewed models in the line. The design starts with a super thin base built, up of two sections offering incredible stiffness and setup flexibility. The base section is constructed of the highest density MDF then finished is high gloss piano lacquer. The second top section is built from high tech Carbon Fiber which offers great strength with the advantage of energy damping creating a super quiet, beautiful design.

An ultra low noise motor is mounted on the base as well as 10 damping feet out of energy absorbing TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers = High tech high energy absorbing damping material). The cone shape TPE columns carry a SANDWICH sub chassis out of Carbon Fiber and MDF composite with ultimate rigidity.

Like all other European Audio Team platters, this one is high mass and built up of two bonded materials: machined alloy and vinyl. This allows for the advantages mass adds to speed stability, with both the greatest energy transfer from the record while quieting via the dual materials.

The tonearm is an entirely new design which combines the advantages of a Uni-Pivot with that of a Cardan design. The Uni-Pivot in the middle helps reduce bearing loading while the Cardan bearing insures high stability and very low friction. Additionally, this design uses a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm reducing resonances by more then 50%.

Motor control is done by way of an external speed control network with Stop, 33-1/3 and 45 RPM settings. Speed control is monitored by a special microprocessor unit insuring great stability and fast operation.

The C-Sharp turntable is now available for demo in our Ann Arbor showroom. Browse and buy EAT turntables, electronics, and phono accessories online or in-store today!