Transparent Audio | System Explorer

Transparent Audio | System Explorer

Apr 27, 2021

Transparent System Explorer

To build a great system, regardless of budget considerations or aspirations, requires putting together a system plan that includes the right performance level of cables, power cords, and power conditioning.

The Transparent System Explorer can help you get started on your journey, and Paragon can provide even more guidance to help you avoid costly wrong turns. Transparent and Paragon have decades of experience building systems, and we share a passion to help customers put together better systems and get more musical enjoyment as their systems grow and evolve.
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The Musically Satisfying Collection for Basic Systems

Satisfying musicality means that your music or film system is pleasurable to listen to for hours at a time, day after day. Hardwired Interconnects and Speaker Cables with Transparent proprietary OFHC stranding and cabling technology deliver balanced and musically rich signals to basic audio components. Adding digital source connections like HARDWIRED TOSLINK, HDMI, and ETHERNET ensure delicate signals remain intact. Hefty HARDWIRED Power Cords feed your components with pure, unbridled power, and a PowerBank 2 provides fail-safe surge protection for your components and removes noise from AC power signals without restricting current.

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The Musically Engaging Collection for Upgraded Basic Systems

To be engaging, basic systems need to deliver more than good tonal balance. With MAGNUM OPUS derived network technology, Link Interconnects and Wave Speaker Cables open the window to clearer, cleaner, and more dynamic sound. Adding Transparent ENGAGING phono cables, digital cables, power cords, and power conditioning expand your system’s ability to deliver more than expected.

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The Musically Believable Collection for Better Systems

To be more believable, better systems need to deliver even cleaner, clearer, and more dynamic signals over a wider frequency range. MusicLink and MusicWave have more robust current flow and more effective noise and resonance control that help unlock dynamics. MusicLink and MusicWave, combined with level-matched phono and digital cables, power cords, and power conditioning are a more commanding system upgrade than upgrading other core components.

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The Musically Authentic Collection for Upgraded Better Systems

Better, more powerful amplifiers and speakers capable of reproducing lower frequencies realize their musically authentic potential with PLUS Interconnects and Speaker Cables. Low noise, hefty cable construction and cable networks calibrated to cable characteristics and length ensure your system captivates with its enveloping rich, musical, dynamic, and spacious sound. Musically Authentic PLUS Phono Cables and Digital Cables preserve all the information embedded in your favorite source material. Robust High Performance Power Cords and PowerBank 6 work together to provide clean, unrestricted power and fail-safe surge protection.

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The Musically Realistic Collection for Premium Systems

For better systems, listening gets another step closer to the sound of live music with SUPER Interconnects and Speaker Cables. With more sophisticated and refined cable and network technologies, SUPER Audio Cables are a better value upgrade than far more costly core components. Adding SUPER Phono Cables and PREMIUM Digital Cables are a significant source component upgrade. PREMIUM Power Cords and a PowerWave Power Conditioner work together to feed your power-hungry system with clean, unrestricted power while protecting your entire system from spikes and surges.

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The Musically Lifelike Collection for Upgraded Premium Systems

Better system performance leads to yearning for more “you are there” listening experiences. To be there, better components and all other system elements must be able to convey natural, full musical tonal balance, limitless dynamics, and the acoustic properties of the performance space. ULTRA Interconnects and Speaker Cables can take you there when combined with other LIFELIKE System Companions. ULTRA Phono Cables and PREMIUM Digital Cables deliver all the information upgraded sources components and your favorite source material provide. PREMIUM Power Cords and a PowerWave or PowerWave X Power Conditioner work together to feed your power-hungry, highly resolving system with clean, unrestricted power while protecting your entire system from surges.

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The Ultimate Collection for Connoisseur Systems

A Connoisseur System consists of some of the best audio components that are currently available. The goal of a connoisseur level system is for all the components and cables to work together in harmony to provide an Ultimate music listening experience. These types of systems usually consist of highly sensitive and resolving equipment, and each very different component requires extra care to preserve the integrity of the signal path from one point in the system to the next. Transparent achieves this by taking network technology a step further. REFERENCE Audio Cables come in 2 versions: high impedance or low impedance calibration and are well suited to anyone who is in the process of building a connoisseur level system. XL Audio Cables are calibrated to match more specifically to the output impedance characteristics of specific components and are a great addition to any well-established connoisseur system.

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The Transcendent Collection for Upgraded Connoisseur Systems

When the goal is no-compromise performance at the absolute highest level, the Transcendent Collection will ensure that your system can take you there.

For these systems, Transparent designed OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables. The result of decades of critical listening, testing, and design, the audio cables, power conditioning, and power cords in the Transparent Transcendent Collection have no equals. Laboriously hand-crafted, measured, and calibrated to ensure peak performance, OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS let you unleash the full potential of your components. Transparent addresses every detail of calibration, fit, and finish with both your components and listening space to create a truly transcendent listening experience.

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Transparent System Explorer

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