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Comprised of the finest audio equipment ever made, an Upgraded Connoisseur System should effortlessly lift the listener out of his or her listening seat to the best seat in the concert hall. When the goal is no-compromise performance at the absolute highest level, the Transcendent Collection will ensure that your system can take you there.

For such systems, Transparent designed OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables to provide the perfect connections for the most resolving and demanding audio equipment imaginable. The result of decades of critical listening, testing, and design, the audio cables, power conditioning, and power cords in the Transparent Transcendent Collection have no equals. Laboriously hand-crafted, measured, and calibrated to ensure peak performance, OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS let you unleash the full potential of your components. Transparent addresses every detail of calibration, fit, and finish with both your components and listening space to create a truly transcendent listening experience.

11 products found in Connoisseur Upgraded Systems

Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
  • From $1,800.00
Transparent USB Digital
  • From $310.00
Transparent Opus Speaker Cable
  • $43,000.00
Transparent Opus RCA Interconnect
  • $14,000.00
Transparent Opus PowerIsolator
  • $16,495.00
Transparent Opus Power Cord
  • $6,000.00
Transparent Opus Phono Interconnect
  • $14,000.00
Transparent Opus Balanced Interconnect
  • $23,500.00
Transparent Magnum Opus Speaker Cable
  • $72,000.00
Transparent Magnum Opus RCA Interconnect
  • $22,000.00
Transparent Magnum Opus Balanced Interconnect
  • $37,000.00