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A Connoisseur System consists of some of the best audio components that are currently available. The goal of a connoisseur level system is for all the components and cables to work together in harmony to provide an Ultimate music listening experience. These types of systems usually consist of highly sensitive and resolving equipment, and each very different component requires extra care to preserve the integrity of the signal path from one point in the system to the next. Transparent achieves this by taking network technology a step further.

REFERENCE Audio Cables come in 2 versions: high impedance or low impedance calibration and are well suited to anyone who is in the process of building a connoisseur level system. XL Audio Cables are calibrated to match more specifically to the output impedance characteristics of specific components and are a great addition to any well-established connoisseur system.

17 products found in Connoisseur Systems

Transparent USB Digital
  • From $310.00
Transparent Reference Power Cord
  • $1,275.00
Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
  • From $1,800.00
Transparent Reference 75-Ohm Digital Cable
  • $1,885.00
Transparent Reference 110-Ohm AES Digital Cable
  • $2,095.00
Transparent Reference Phono Interconnect
  • $3,400.00
Transparent Reference RCA Interconnect
  • $3,400.00
Transparent XL 75-Ohm Digital Cable
  • $3,670.00
Transparent XL 110-Ohm AES/EBU Digital Link
  • $4,195.00
Transparent Reference Balanced Interconnect
  • $6,000.00
Transparent XL Phono Interconnect
  • $6,800.00
Transparent XL RCA Interconnect
  • $6,800.00