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Better system performance leads to yearning for more “you are there” listening experiences. To be there, better components and all other system elements must be able to convey natural, full musical tonal balance, limitless dynamics, and the acoustic properties of the performance space. ULTRA Interconnects and Speaker Cables can take you there when combined with other LIFELIKE System Companions. ULTRA Phono Cables and PREMIUM Digital Cables deliver all the information upgraded sources components and your favorite source material provide. PREMIUM Power Cords and a PowerWave or PowerWave X Power Conditioner work together to feed your power-hungry, highly resolving system with clean, unrestricted power while protecting your entire system from surges.

10 products found in Premium Upgraded Systems

Transparent Ultra Balanced Interconnect
  • From $3,000.00
Transparent Ultra RCA Interconnect
  • From $1,700.00
Transparent Premium Power Cord
  • $625.00
Transparent Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link
  • From $790.00
Transparent PowerWave Power Conditioner
  • $1,995.00
Transparent Ultra Speaker Cable
  • From $4,000.00
Transparent Ultra Phono Interconnect
  • From $1,700.00
Transparent USB Digital
  • From $310.00
Transparent Premium 110-Ohm AES/EBU Digital Cable
  • From $895.00
Transparent PowerWave X Power Conditioner
  • $3,895.00