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To be more believable, better systems need to deliver even cleaner, clearer, and more dynamic signals over a wider frequency range. MusicLink and MusicWave have more robust current flow and more effective noise and resonance control that help unlock dynamics. MusicLink and MusicWave, combined with level-matched phono and digital cables, power cords, and power conditioning are a more commanding system upgrade than upgrading other core components.

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Transparent Performance Power Cord
  • From $125.00
Transparent MusicLink Phono Interconnect
  • From $200.00
Transparent MusicLink RCA Interconnect
  • From $200.00
Transparent High Performance Power Cord
  • From $265.00
Transparent Ethernet Digital Cable
  • From $290.00
Transparent HDMI Digital Cable
  • From $310.00
Transparent USB Digital
  • From $310.00
Transparent High Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link
  • From $395.00
Transparent PowerBank 2 Power Conditioner
  • $395.00
Transparent MusicLink Balanced Interconnect
  • From $400.00
Transparent MusicWave Speaker Cable
  • From $500.00
Transparent PowerBank 6 Power Conditioner
  • $695.00