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To be engaging, basic systems need to deliver more than good tonal balance. With MAGNUM OPUS derived network technology, Link Interconnects and Wave Speaker Cables open the window to clearer, cleaner, and more dynamic sound. Adding Transparent ENGAGING phono cables, digital cables, power cords, and power conditioning expand your system’s ability to deliver more than expected.

11 products found in Basic Upgraded Systems

Transparent Hardwired TOSLink
  • From $30.00
Transparent The Wave Speaker Cable
  • From $250.00
Transparent Performance Power Cord
  • From $125.00
Transparent The Link RCA Interconnect
  • From $100.00
Transparent The Link Phono Interconnect
  • From $120.00
Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
  • From $1,800.00
Transparent USB Digital
  • From $310.00
Transparent Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link
  • From $100.00
Transparent Hardwired 3-Prong Power Cord
  • From $55.00
Transparent Hardwired 2-Conductor Power Cord
  • $65.00
Transparent Hardwired HDMI
  • From $40.00