Linn Klimax Solo 500 Power Amplifier


Effortless power from a surprisingly compact mono amplifier
* Priced as a pair *


Defying conventional thinking, Linn ditched the bulk and inefficiency of traditional amps in favour of a fresh approach when we developed this compact monoblock amplifier — and over two decades of further development have maintained Klimax Solo 500’s enduring popularity.
The discrete bipolar design is unique to Solo 500, and uses Linn's Dynamik switch mode power supply to deliver 500 W of effortless, instant power across the audible band.
Use a pair of Solos for a passive stereo set-up, and add more to multi-amp your speakers or upgrade to a fully Aktiv or Exakt set-up, in conjunction with Klimax Exaktbox.


Chakra Technology
Patented amp technology combines the speed and precision of monolithic chip with the robustness and smoothness of bi-polar transistors.
Chakra constantly adapts by using a monolithic at low currents and bi-polar transistors at higher levels. It's a unique approach to transition between these technologies, guaranteeing precisely-controlled clean, silent power at all listening levels.

Powered by Linn Dynamik
We have been creating our own switch-mode power supplies for decades – to generate stable, low noise power in a compact, cool-running package. This electrical cleanliness is critical to amplifier performance.
Dynamik ensures superb isolation from mains-borne noise, formidable power and responsiveness; clearly outperforming bulky and noisy traditional power supplies.

Sound Sense
All Linn power amps are designed to be efficient even when not in use. Auto signal-sensing detects the presence of an audio signal and minimises power consumption by reverting to sleep mode when inactive, while fault detection and protection mechanisms help safeguard your system against short circuit or excessive load damage.


  • Number of Channels: One
  • Max Output: 500 W into 4 Ω, 290 W into 8 Ω
  • Max Input: 1000 W
  • Amp Technology: Linn Bipolar
  • Power Supply: Linn Dynamik Switch Mode
  • Inputs: RCA phono (WBT) x1, Balanced XLR x1
  • Line Outputs: RCA phono (WBT) x1
  • Speaker Outputs: Banana/Binding posts (WBT) x2
  • Finishes: Silver or Black anodised
  • Dimensions: Width 350 mm X Height 60 mm X Depth 355 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg

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