Linn Majik LP12 Turntable

Take your first step into high-fidelity vinyl playback. And close the door behind you, you won't be turning back. Experience the legendary Sondek LP12 in its most affordable guise – powered by carefully curated Linn-engineered components.

Majik LP12 includes Linn’s sandwich-construction aluminium sub-chassis, patented single point Karousel bearing, internally mounted low noise power supply, and low-friction Krane tonearm.

Beyond this lies your first choice: will you commence your Linn journey with a moving magnet (MM) or a moving coil (MC) cartridge?


  • Sondek LP12 with Karousel bearing
  • Majik aluminium sub-chassis
  • Laminated armboard
  • Internal Majik LP12 power supply
  • Solid Base aluminium base board
  • Krane aluminium and stainless steel tonearm with low friction & rotational mass bearing design
  • Adikt moving magnet (MM) or Koil moving coil (MC) cartridge
  • 45 rpm adaptor
  • Speed: 33⅓ rpm single speed motor (45 rpm supported using included adaptor)
  • Motor Type: 110V Synchronous AC motor
  • Dimensions: Width 445 mm X Height 140 mm X Depth 356 mm

Plinth Options
  • Style: Standard or fluted
  • Standard Finishes: Oak, Cherry, Black Ash, Rosenut, Walnut
  • Special Finishes: Piano Black, Alpine White or match any colour of your choice (high gloss)

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