New Lina 2.0 brings impressive upgrades to the dCS Lina Network DAC

New Lina 2.0 brings impressive upgrades to the dCS Lina Network DAC

Oct 17, 2023

In the last 12 months, dCS customers have received several performance improvements and new features. These include a major firmware update for the Bartók, the introduction of the Bartók APEX, the Expanse crossfeed for Rossini owners, and the addition of digital volume control and volume lock on the Lina Network DAC, allowing it to be used as a preamp in two-channel setups. Here at Paragon, we continue to be blown away by dCS' dedication to enhancing the performance of their products throughout their lifespan, releasing new features and innovations as they are developed--no need for listeners to wait for a new product release.

The dCS Lina Network DAC's latest upgrade, version 2.0, is now available to both new and existing owners. This update brings several new features that are designed to enhance the performance of the DAC, aid ease of use, and give listeners more control over their playback experience. 

The update also includes advanced features like customizable EQ settings and a new USB input. dCS is committed to providing its users with the best possible audio experience and this update is a testament to that. Upgrade now to take advantage of these new features, all provided free of charge.

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Upgrade highlights

Two new Mapper settings

With careful refinement and continuous development, dCS has introduced settings that allow the Ring DAC to operate at double speed - 5.6 or 6.14MS/s. These settings were first introduced in the dCS Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartók ranges and have been refined for Lina 2.0 to further improve jitter performance.

The original Mapper, now called MAP 2, has also undergone improvements and refinements to the mapping algorithm. Listeners can choose the double-speed settings or the original dCS Mapper according to their preference. 

DSD128 Upsampling

The Lina Network DAC uses a DSD128 upsampling feature - seen on the Vivaldi, Rossini and Bartók DACs/Players - for faster PCM-to-DSD conversion, pushing noise higher in the frequency range [above 40kHz]. This allows for smoother filters; depending on the music, this can lead to enhanced spatial presentation and a more lifelike sound.

New PCM and DSD Filters

The Lina Network DAC, released in 2022, originally offered two filter options for convenience - F1 and F2. The 2.0 update adds 4 PCM filters, plus a DSD filter [F5] with a gentle roll-off and gentle phase response, bringing it on-par with the Rossini and Bartók DACs. This provides increased control for listeners over their setup.

Balance Controls

Lina Network DAC owners can now precisely adjust left and right channel balance, allowing them to compensate for discrepancies in sound quality or speaker placement. This enables a more lifelike experience of sound.

Text Size Settings for Distance Listening

An enhanced user interface provides an option to enlarge text size on the Lina Network DAC's LED display, allowing for more legible track titles even from a farther distance.

Remote Control Support

The Lina Network DAC is now able to be controlled remotely through a dCS or generic remote, enabling enhanced audio setups and all the benefits the dCS sound offers. The latest 2.0 upgrade is made possible by the DAC's versatile architecture and committed development by dCS Audio. See the release notes for further details.

Download Lina 2.0

Lina Network DAC 2.0 is available via the dCS Mosaic Control app from October 17, 2023. You can download the latest version of dCS Mosaic Control for iOS here and Mosaic Control for Android here.

The dCS Mosaic Control app has been updated to provide support for Lina Network DAC 2.0, along with new features available for all dCS devices with network streaming capabilities. For more information, see the Mosaic 1.42 release notes

If you have questions about Lina 2.0 or are having trouble upgrading your app/unit, don't hesitate to reach out! Click here to contact us and our team would be happy to help you out.

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