dCS Releases New Lina 1.1 Upgrade: What to Know

dCS Releases New Lina 1.1 Upgrade: What to Know

Mar 23, 2023

Made available for download on Tuesday, March 21st, the Lina 1.1 firmware update adds many cool features to make your Lina unit or stack more versatile than ever–even in 2-channel systems.

What’s new in Lina 1.1

dCS’ Digital Volume Control functionality added

Users can access the volume control using Lina’s touch panel or via the latest version of dCS Mosaic.

No preamp required: Lina can now drive a power amplifier directly

Lina can now be used in systems without a preamp and has the ability to drive a power amplifier directly. dCS points out that this approach “...eliminates unnecessary redundancy - reducing the number of volume controls, gain stages, and interconnects in the signal path - a strategy that provides extraordinary purity and transparency.”

This update also allows the Lina DAC’s output to be matched with the input specs of a connected preamp or headphone amplifier, so you can utilize your ideal volume operation in your system. 

Volume lock functionality added

With Lina 1.1, it is now possible to set and lock the volume level. The output level can be custom configured for use with a vast range of preamplifiers, power amps, or headphone amplifiers. With this feature, the volume can be locked to the desired level.

Lina 1.1 – Available Now

Lina updates are facilitated via the dCS Mosaic app. Here are dCS’s instructions:

On Mosaic, navigate to Support/Versions/Check for Updates.
Please allow 30 minutes for the update to complete. Do not power off Lina during the update.
To access the dCS variable volume control remotely, dCS Mosaic must be updated to version 1.41 (see below for more information).
If you have questions or issues with your upgrades or updates, you are welcome to contact dCS service and support at support@dcsaudio.com


What’s new in Mosaic 1.41 - Updates for Lina & Rossini  

If you’re not a current dCS owner and you’re unfamiliar with Mosaic: it’s an incredibly innovative dCS technology consisting of a mobile app (called Mosaic Control) that connects with a special Mosaic processor within the dCS product. Together they allow dCS users to browse and play music from a vast range of sources, plus download updates and adjust a ton of dCS system settings.

In addition to the new Lina volume controls and settings, the new Mosaic 1.41 update brings HTTP live streaming (HLS) support to the app. 

Additionally, Rossini owners can now access and adjust dCS Expanse and crossfeed settings using dCS Mosaic. (Rossini v2.1 is required to access dCS Expanse.)

Expanse is a patent pending innovation from dCS that brings the headphone experience closer to the studio experience by replicating the effects of sound projection into the space around us, rather than inside our heads. Learn more about dCS's website.

Questions about Lina, the 1.1 update or anything else about dCS products? Feel free to contact Paragon Sight & Sound at info@paragonsns.com!

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