Audio Research VT80 Amplifier Announced

Audio Research VT80 Amplifier Announced

Dec 06, 2016

The latest component in the Foundation Series, the VT80 Power Amplifier is classic Audio Research performance encased in a modern frame. With its beautiful new look, flexible connection options and important new features, the primary goal of the VT80 is to provide an incredible musical experience.

The core of the VT80 is adapted from the Reference 75, including the same power and output transformers, a similar circuit topology, and many of the same parts. The result is breathtaking and provides a new sonic reference in its price range.

This 75-watt tube amplifier introduces two unique features. First, the ARC team developed a proprietary auto-bias circuit for each tube, that corrects bias based on tube wear and fluctuations in power. Best of all, it works in real time and does not compromise performance. The second new feature is a dedicated fuse for each output tube. If a fault condition occurs, the easily replaceable fuse protects the tube and other circuit components.

The VT80 is the final piece in the Foundation Series. Matching pieces that we've featured in earlier newsletters include the PH9 Phono Preamplifier, the DAC9 Digital to Analog Converter, and the LS28 Tube Line Stage. Paragon Sight and Sound invites you to stop in this holiday season and audition the entire Foundation Series.