Transparent Opus Power Cord

OPUS Power Cord is the perfect high-current, noise-free power connection solution for Upgraded Connoisseur Level music and film systems. It works well with other TRANSCENDENT Companions and is a significant upgrade from XL Power Cord. It is ideally suited for more powerful, high resolution amplifiers. For superior source components, choose OPUS Power Cord Source for its flexibility, compactness, and lightness.




Heftier, more tightly constructed OFHC power cable technology holds all elements of the cable package firmly in place and preserves the intended electrical properties of the power cable design. Orientation of IEC and AC plugs are customized to your set-up for a superior, and more reliable fit. Proprietary, handcrafted termination technology ensures better power delivery without restriction or instability, thereby freeing your components to bring you a more realistic music listening experience.

The Transparent filter network reduces AC line noise and takes the length of the power cable and its inherent electrical properties fully into consideration to reduce noise to previously unachievable levels and to provide superior power transfer. The noise reduction network is encased in a beautifully contoured, sizable epoxy resin-filled carbon fiber module to reduce the effects of vibration and resonance.

Designed to greatly improve power delivery and performance of connected components, OPUS Power Cord is handcrafted in the USA.





  • Standard termination: 15A grounded USA wall plug > 15A IEC
  • Optional terminations: 20A grounded USA Wall Plug; 20A IEC; plugs for EU, UK, and other electrical systems available.
  • Standard length: 2 meters
  • Custom lengths always available.



This product is available for purchase in-store only.

AC plugs and component-end connectors can be customized in a manner that results in the cleanest, most-strain free connection possible.