Transparent Hardwired TOSLink

length:18 inches

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Get more than connected — get hardwired! In today's fast-moving, high-tech world, you need connections that deliver performance and reliability, not just convenience. hardwired by Transparent provides high-quality, audio and video connections designed to link your digital media with your home entertainment system. Hardwired TOSLink is the ideal connection for achieving the most dynamic digital optical transmission in your home audio or theater system.




Hardwired TOSLink is the perfect optical solution for Basic and Upgraded Basic music and film systems. It works well with other SATISFYING and ENGAGING Transparent System Companions to provide the listener a closer connection to music.





  • Low loss multi core optical conductor maintains signal power regardless of how cable is bent
  • Precision terminations and high clarity lens material
  • Rugged, low profile TOS optical connectors fit into tight spaces
  • Perfect for TV, home theater, and desktop audio applications



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