Sonus faber, McIntosh, Clearaudio: Featured Installation

Sonus faber, McIntosh, Clearaudio: Featured Installation

Jul 17, 2020

We're pleased to share a closer looks at a recent 2-channel installation that combines new and existing customer equipment in a beautiful residential space. 

The stars of this show are a pair of Sonus faber Amati Tradition loudspeakers in Red Lacquer finish. Amati Tradition is part of the Homage Tradition collection, which is a new tribute to the mastery of Italian violin-making. The now classic Sonus faber lute shape has been revisited and taken to new heights by embodying both the classic lines of the Homage collection and those of the Lilium cabinet, giving new volumes to the speakers of this collection. The Amati Traditions featured here are resting on IsoAcoustics GAIA noise-isolating feet.

Tucked to the side on an HRS SXR Signature rack is a Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable with two tonearms - a Clearaudio Universal 12" & Clearaudio Tracer with Clearaudio DaVinci & Hana SL Mono cartridges.

The other source component in this installation is a McIntosh MCT450 CD/SACD transport. View the newest model here: McIntosh MCT500 CD/SACD transport.

The preamplifier here is a McIntosh C2600, which is now available as the McIntosh C2700. The C2600 is a versatile vacuum tube preamplifier with an expansive set of 16 inputs to connect virtually all your analog or digital music sources and a 32-bit/384kHz, DSD digital-to-analog-converter (DAC). The C2700 features the new McIntosh DA2 module, with 7 digital inputs including all the same connections found on the DA1 (2 coaxial, 2 optical, 1 USB and 1 MCT) plus a new audio-only HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)1 connection.

A McIntosh MC462, Mc's most powerful stereo amplifier, is driving this featured system, delivering 450 watts-per-channel of power to the Amati Traditions. Another versatile piece from McIntosh, the MC462 delivers the same 450 watts to any speaker, regardless if it has 2, 4, or 8-ohm impedance.

Rounding this system out is Gen5 Plus-level cabling by Transparent Audio.

We're thankful for the opportunity to share this amazing 2-channel installation, which marries digital and analog sources with McIntosh power and the beauty & sheer musicality of the Sonus faber Homage Tradition collection. 

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 Sonus faber, Clearaudio & McIntosh Installation