Clearaudio Innovation Wood Turntable

Tonearm:Universal 9"
The Clearaudio Innovation Wood is a brilliant achievement… pitch stability is stunning… its soundstaging approaches reference quality.
– Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, July 2010




An Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award winner, the Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable features a resonance-optimized dual-tier chassis based upon proven Clearaudio three-point design; a combination of Panzerholz (bulletproof wood), aluminum skins, and aluminum pods.

Its high-density, dynamically balanced 2.75″ POM platter is mated to a half-inch thick, CNC-machined stainless steel sub-platter and Clearaudio’s patented CMB (ceramic magnetic bearing) technology, where the platter magnetically levitates on an inverted bearing attached to a low-friction ceramic shaft. A high-torque DC motor exclusive to Clearaudio is equipped with an OSC (optical speed control) circuit controlled in real time via an infrared sensor.

The end result is a highly musical, detailed presentation with very accurate pitch and exceptional rhythm and pace. The Innovation Wood is also dual-tonearm capable and plays 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm speeds.



Tracer Tonearm
The Tracer Tonearm is a pivoted tonearm with adjustable VTA, azimuth, and anti-skate. Tracer also features a mechanical bearing, precision VTF adjuster, and 1M DirectWire cable.

TT-5 Linear Tonearm
The new TT-5 linear tracking tonearm with Swing Base features a fixed, rigid construction. Like all Clearaudio linear tonearms, it moves tangentially with the record groove, pulling the armwand along a polished glass rod on precision rollers. The TT-5 Swing Base allows the entire arm to be swung out of the way when changing records, not compromising rigidity or performance.

Universal Tonearm
The carefully hand-assembled Universal is Clearaudio’s finest pivoted tonearm. Its vertical and horizontal ball bearing assembly is precision-machined to ultra-high tolerances. The Universal features a three-piece carbon fiber arm tube, reducing resonances to a vanishing degree and delivering excellent performance with a wide range of phono cartridges. Its aluminum one-piece headshell allows for accurate azimuth adjustment, reduces mass, and increases rigidity. Additionally, fine adjustments for anti-skate and vertical tracking force (VTF) offers accurate alignment of any phono cartridge type. The Universal comes with easily interchangeable counterweights, allowing it to work with nearly any cartridge manufactured today. Its internal wiring is Clearaudio’s best Six Stream cable, as found on their Statement TT-1 tonearm. This assures superior signal integrity, and is ideal for all high-quality cartridges, including low-output moving coils. The Universal uses the Clearaudio/Linn standard mount, making it compatible with all Clearaudio turntables and an ideal replacement tonearm for other brand turntables. Available in 9-inch and 12-inch versions.

TT-2 Tonearm
In tonearm design, three various systems are available: pivoted tonearms, unipivot tonearms and linear tonearms. The advantage of a linear system lies in the distortion-free reproduction of the music signal as this exactly depicts what has been “cut” onto the LP when it was mastered. The arm wand and shafts of the TT-2 are made out of quartz, a material that is harder than glass and scratch resistant.

The TT2 places the stylus at a perfect tangent to the record groove, which guarantees zero tracking error. Additionally, due to the tangential nature of the tonearm, no skating force is generated at playback; therefore, no anti-skating compensation is required.

The 4.38-lb. resonance-optimized chassis is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. The chassis also contains a polished glass tube, which is where the bearings for the arm carriage run. The short, incredibly rigid tonearm is manufactured from carbon fiber and runs on a patented two-point bearing carriage within the glass tube. The entire arm assembly lifts upwards to allow easy record changing.

Integrated spirit levels and a simple adjustable knob enable fine tuning of the height of the tonearm. Cueing is especially easy.

They call it the pinnacle of analogue music reproduction: the patented Statement TT-1 and TT-1 MI tangential tonearms developed by Clearaudio have been copied many times, but never matched. This pinnacle of tangential tonearm technology is a key yardstick for Clearaudio’s development team. With the Statement TT-1 and TT-1 MI, records are replayed as they were cut–in a straight movement with no curves. Hence the cartridge’s stylus tracks the record groove perfectly without errors. In addition, Clearaudio uses a unique passive technology: a self-sufficient tonearm drive with a purified mechanical design created to combine optimal resonance values with maximum freedom from interference in the transmission of the music signal. In the TT series, Clearaudio uses finely crafted high quality materials that are subject to ongoing quality controls. Uncompromising consistency and ongoing innovation and development make Clearaudio a pacesetter in tangential tonearm technology, always moving towards the perfect listening experience.



  • Construction details: Resonance-optimized chassis shape, belt-driven with self-adjusting speed control, precision CNC-machined surface, solid stainless steel sub-platter, dynamically balanced. 70 mm / 2.75" POM main platter.
  • Speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, convenient electronic controls
  • Motor: High-torque DC motor
  • Bearing: CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing)
  • Platter: CNC-machined POM (polyoxymethylene), 70 mm thickness
  • Speed accuracy: less than +- 0.05 %
  • Weight: 51 lbs without tonearm and power supply
  • Dimensions: 18.86" x 19.09" x 8.86"
  • Other special features: OSC (optical speed control) in real time via infrared sensor, playback with two tonearms possible
  • Warranty: 5 years


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