Say Hello to Wilson TuneTot

Say Hello to Wilson TuneTot

May 27, 2020

The Smallest Wilson!

TuneTot is the smallest Wilson, but it would be a mistake to dismiss it merely as an “entry-level” offering. TuneTots are lovingly fabricated and assembled by the same group of talented craftsmen who build the WAMM Master Chronosonic, using exactly the same processes and techniques.

Each TuneTot that emerges from Wilson is held to the same rigorous, industry-leading manufacturing tolerances as its larger siblings, ensuring each TuneTot is as technically and musically accurate. These processes guarantee that you will hear precisely what Daryl Wilson heard in the final design.

Beyond designing a simple “bookshelf” loudspeaker, Wilson’s Special Applications Engineering team has created a speaker that produces impeccable sound even in acoustically hostile environments.


In designing TuneTot with the goal of musical authenticity, the challenge was twofold: Isolating the active loudspeaker from its environment and providing adjustable correction in the time domain. Wilson’s engineers cleverly combined both needs into a single solution. TuneTot utilizes austenitic stainless-steel spike hardware that was designed specifically for TuneTot. The spike system also acts as a mechanical diode, draining unwanted energy out of TuneTot. To help correct the time domain for your installation, Wilson provides a simple installation guide for the spike adjustment that allows TuneTot to be optimized for its environment.

TuneTot is constructed from two Wilson proprietary composites — the proven combination of Wilson’s X- and S-material. As perfectly rectangular enclosures are inexpensive and easy to build, but suffer from music-destroying internal reflections generated by parallel walls, TuneTot’s enclosure is asymmetrical, ensuring no two internal surfaces are parallel. Inspired by technology from the Alexia Series 2 and the WAMM, TuneTot’s cabinet additionally features a complex internal reflection management system.


TuneTot is but one element within an ecosystem populated with custom, a la carte tools and accessories (purchased separately) designed to maximize TuneTot’s performance and cosmetic beauty in a wide variety of applications When the TuneTot is mounted on a resonant surface, such as a wood desk or sideboard, the ISOBase is ideal. It is an interim platform which is placed between TuneTot and surface below and offers unprecedented levels of decoupling and isolation. It is available in five different paint colors and four metal-hardware choices.

Many Wilson owners enjoy listening to their speakers without the grille attached. For these installations, Wilson designed the optional TuneTot Ring, which elegantly covers the mounting hardware that secures the woofer (available in four colors). For those listeners who prefer a grille, they are available in the form of acoustically transparent fabric (available in six colors).

Finish: Wilson has created five new Wilson Gloss colors specifically for TuneTot: Crimson (Red), Ivory, Quartz, Teak, and Carbon (Black).

The Wilson TuneTot is now in-stock and available for audition at Paragon.