Leon Speakers Timbre Seven Series

Leon Speakers Timbre Seven Series

Sep 14, 2017

"Often designers talk about form and function. We started this project with passion and purpose. The SEVEN Series takes everything we’ve learned over Leon’s 20 year history, and brings to life our passion for music, craftsmanship, and design." - Noah Kaplan, Founder and CEO of Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers, American manufacturer of custom audio and audiovisual solutions, celebrates its 20th anniversary with the introduction of their new flagship SEVEN Series loudspeakers, reasserting their commitment to high-fidelity sound.

With a distinctive design and exceptional performance, the all-new SEVEN Series was developed in collaboration with renowned recording artists, producers, and acoustic engineers. Leon uses world-class components and exquisite materials to elicit the soul of any recording — captivating the casual listener and indulging the discerning audiophile.

Meticulously tested to perfection in Leon’s own anechoic chamber at their Ann Arbor facility, the SEVEN Series brings remarkable sound and timeless design to casual listening and entertaining rooms, home theaters, and distributed audio systems, and can be customized to seamlessly integrate into any space.

The SEVEN series will begin shipping in September with several models, including the all-new Timbre SEVEN bookshelf speakers.

Brand new to the line and the first of its kind, the Timbre SEVEN is constructed from 1-inch solid hardwood butcher-block and features striking accents of copper and aluminum. With handmade 7” aluminum cone woofers and 25mm cloth-dome tweeters mounted in a solid billet aluminum baffle, the Timbre SEVEN is available in two models, the MT with a single woofer configuration, and the MTM with double woofers, offering flexibility for any setup.