Introducing the Transparent XL PowerIsolator

Introducing the Transparent XL PowerIsolator

Jan 04, 2018

Enter sonic liberation...Introducing the new Transparent XL PowerIsolator!

Fortify your defenses against the scourge of noise with Transparent PowerIsolator Technology. Twenty-three years of research and development culminated in the benchmark Transparent OPUS PowerIsolator (OPI). Now, access these revolutionary technical achievements for the first time at the XL level.

Unrestricted Power: Transparent’s new XL PowerIsolator, XLPI, embraces the same design objectives as OPI. Sporting 4 outlets between 2 isolated banks, XL PowerIsolator silences broadband AC line noise while delivering unrestricted, in-phase power signals. With its unrestricted, isolated circuits, XLPI delivers clean, in-phase power to any combination of audio and video components, including high current amplifiers.

Resonance Control: XLPI resists vibrations and electromagnetic field restrictions through a new curved enclosure design. Extruded aluminum sidebars topped with a rigid, non-metallic thermo-formed polymer shell create the basis for a rock-solid enclosure. Internal cross braces and proprietary epoxy-loading add mass and damp resonances and vibrations.

Professional Grade Protection: The XLPI also provides integrated Network Source Protection (compatible with Gigabit Ethernet and PoE), hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection, and avalanche diode failsafe surge protection. To harness the optimal performance from XL PowerIsolator, use with a dedicated AC circuit and use XL Power Cords for each component connection.

The XLPI includes one 2M input XL Power Cord.