Introducing the Pro-Ject X-Series

Introducing the Pro-Ject X-Series

Oct 09, 2019

Uncompromised High-End Design - Incredible and Unparalleled Value

It is hard to improve on well-performing turntables, but there are ways to do it. It was not time to reinvent the wheel, because Pro-Ject's core engineering already was, and still is, ideal.

Instead in the X2, they improved on technologies that had previously been established. For example, the raw materials used in production are of higher quality but also more difficult to source. The selected components are bigger, heavier, more massive and robust for improved performance and better build quality. Pro-Ject also utilizes CNC machining and modern material sciences to optimize each component for its function.

The X2 lifts the incredibly high standards, as set by its smaller brother the X1, to new limits. The X2 is made for those who take great joy in the fine details, the build quality, the high-grade materials, and class leading audio performance.

The X2 is supplied with a factory mounted and aligned Sumiko Moonstone cartridge. Exceptionally well-balanced and capable of breathtaking dynamics, the Moonstone is one of the best tracking cartridges Pro-Ject has ever measured, regardless of price. As a bonus, the stylus is field replaceable should it become worn or damaged. X2 has a full aluminum tonearm base with Azimuth and VTA adjustment and a highly damped queuing mechanism.

X2 also features a better supplied cable. Compared to other digital and analog music sources, the signal coming from a turntable cartridge is very fragile in nature and cheap RCA cables often do not provide the ideal conditions for getting a phono signal to an amplifier. The Connect it E is designed for this exact application. It is a semi-balanced, low capacitance cable, with superior shielding.

A good motor by itself, is already very quiet. To get the best performance out of it, Pro-Ject further isolates it via a suspension. This will allow the motor to run stable and free from outside influences. Remaining vibrations are damped and eliminated, so they are not transmitted onto the chassis, platter and cartridge. The X2‘s motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision tuned TPE isolator, effectively decoupling it from the main plinth for optimal performance. It is free floating, horizontally level and able to operate at the highest performance levels.

Isolation from external vibrations is achieved with newly developed Aluminum/Thermo Plastic Elastomer composite feet which are are height and leveling adjustable.

Shop the Pro-Ject X2 online, or visit Paragon for a demo.