EAT C-Major Turntable | Affordable Luxury

EAT C-Major Turntable | Affordable Luxury

Sep 18, 2020
C-Major by EAT (European Audio Team) is new entry level offering that will satisfy seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable.

For those who would like to purchase turntables with greater performance and sophistication than that which is available in the budget sector, but with a price point below the widely-acclaimed C-Sharp, C-Major is EAT's most successful turntable to date.

The technology of C-Sharp was the driving force behind the development of the C-Major. Pun intended, the differences between the C-Sharp and the C-Major are minor. All were incorporated to reduce costs and features, without compromising the performance. To achieve the lower price, the following changes were applied:
  • The C-Note tonearm on the C-Major is 9" in length instead of 10"
  • There is no separate speed control
  • The main chassis has a more compact footprint
  • The platter clamp is smaller
  • The platter is smaller

Shipped complete with fitted dust cover, and offered in a specially-priced package with numerous cartridge options, the C-Major will extract the best from the vinyl LP – undoubtedly a blast from the past that just happens to be the future of music in the home!

The EAT C-Major is available for audition now in our Modern Music Center. Purchase C-Major in-store or online today!