The ARC VT80 Amplifier Gets an Upgrade

Audio Research is pleased to introduce the VT80SE, the Audio Research amplifier designed for the widest appeal to the greatest number of music lovers worldwide. By combining world-class performance with flexibility and features like auto-bias, the VT80 has been an amp that incorporates easily and seamlessly into your system, allowing you to focus on enjoying your music collection.

The biggest change from the VT80 to the new VT80SE is an upgrade from KT120 to higher-performance KT150 output tubes. Audio Research proudly features KT150 tubes in all of their current amplifiers, from the VSi75 to the REF 750SE. Performance is unparalleled, and the KT150’s 3,000 hour average life allows years of uninterrupted listening. The VT80 was originally designed with KT120 tubes, the predecessor to the KT150. These two tubes are electrically interchangeable, and with such high demand for delivering the VT80 with KT150 tubes, the VT80SE was an inevitable evolution.

What sonic improvements will you hear with the VT80SE? Tonal color, detail, dynamic swing and purity are all improved, along with a bigger and more robust presentation. The music gets better, in every way. Hear for yourself how good your system can sound with the new VT80SE, it will make a tube-lover out of anyone who loves music!