Audio Research | REF6 SE

Audio Research | REF6 SE

Dec 19, 2019

Audio Research has announced a Special Edition performance update has been created for the REF6 linestage preamplifier.

The REF6SE replaces the REF6, which has won more than a dozen international awards since its introduction in 2015, most recently, SoundStage's 2019 Product of The Year Award. The knowledge gained in the creation of ARC’s latest products has contributed to the evolutionary upgrades incorporated in the REF6SE.

Many component and wiring upgrades create an immediate sonic impact, providing higher resolution, greater transparency, better focus, and effortless dynamics that draw the listener into the musically rich soundscape. Regardless of the system into which it is mated, the REF6SE provides exciting new insights into recordings.

Shipments are expected to begin in December. The SE update will be available to current REF6 owners in late January 2020. Units in North America must be sent to Audio Research to have the update installed.