Announcing Helix | The Newest Chassis Noise Reduction Product from HRS

Announcing Helix | The Newest Chassis Noise Reduction Product from HRS

Oct 16, 2020
HRS is excited to introduce you to their brand new high-performance audio product - the HRS Helix. The Helix is the newest member of the HRS chassis noise reduction product line.

"The HRS Helix delivers a strong dose of the tremendous immediacy and musical dynamics that is achieved by the HRS Vortex. The lower profile also makes them disappear visually in the system. An amazing value when combined with the HRS E1 or R3X Isolation Bases."
-Michael Latvis, Chief Engineer of Harmonic Resolution Systems, Inc.

Key Features of the HRS Helix:
  • Will give you many years of superior musical or video signal reproduction.
  • Designed to significantly reduce the negative impact of air and structure-borne noise on your audio or video component performance.
  • Yields targeted performance improvements when used in conjunction with HRS Isolation Bases (E1, S3, R3X, M3X2).
  • Can be used in combination with HRS Damping Plates when needed to control both top and bottom chassis noise.
  • Very low profile design, completely invisible under most components so it is ideal when you wish to maintain the original look of the component.
  • Designed specifically to obtain maximum performance from audio components with a stiffer (plate and billet) metal chassis construction.
  • Natural gimbal system ensures intimate contact with chassis at every location to maximize energy transfer.
  • Perfect pairing with lower priced stiff chassis components where the price of the HRS Vortex is out of normal recommended pricing ratio.

Pictured: A set of 3 Helix installed under a dCS Vivaldi DAC atop an HRS M3X2 Isolation Base.

More cost-effective design than the HRS Vortex; low starting price of MSRP $450 for a set of three HLX-090 (Helix $150 ea).

Helix is available in black anodize finish.

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