Experience the Unveiling: Paragon Sight & Sound's Linn Event Demo Systems

Experience the Unveiling: Paragon Sight & Sound's Linn Event Demo Systems

Welcome to Paragon Sight & Sound's latest store event recap! The launch of Linn at Paragon Sight & Sound was an unforgettable evening filled with music, shared values, and friendship. The event featured exclusive presentations and demonstrations of flagship Linn products, including the all-new 360 Loudspeakers.

We had the pleasure of hosting special guests all the way from Linn’s home of Scotland, Brand Manager Joe Rodger and Brand Ambassador Lorenzo Pacitti, and it was truly a celebration of an exciting new partnership.

Whether you were there to experience it firsthand or missed out on the festivities, here's a detailed look at the demonstration systems that were featured at the event.

Linn Reference Room: Klimax System

You may recognize this space as Paragon’s former Smart Conference Room, but it has been completely repurposed to become our new Linn Reference Room.

In the process of innovation, Linn prioritizes the Klimax System. Linn engineers work without time constraints to ensure each component delivers optimal sound quality. The Klimax System represents the pinnacle of Linn's offerings, presented in a comprehensive, fully integrated package.

List of Equipment

Linn 360 Speakers - Passive w/ Aktiv Bass (PWAB)

Linn’s 360 is a high-performance speaker that offers unparalleled clarity and realism with minimal sonic coloration. Incorporating innovative drive unit and amplifier technologies, it achieves remarkably low levels of audible distortion.

The Passive with Aktiv Bass 360 variant (PWAB) featured in this system includes a new ultra-low-resonance passive crossover design that minimizes loss, distortion, and interference.

  • 360 Array drive units with cutting edge composites eliminate distortion within human hearing range.
  • Aluminium-magnesium alloy bass drive units provide precise, controlled performance even under heavy load.
  • All drive units are made of hard alloys for zero coloration or sonic signature.
  • Bass System uses Power DAC technology for seismic, realistic, and distortion-free bass.
  • New ultra-low-resonance passive crossover reduces loss and distortion with extraordinary dispersion characteristics.


Linn Klimax DSM – AV Variant

Klimax DSM is available in two variants: Klimax DSM (Audio) and Klimax DSM (AV). Klimax DSM (Audio) is for music lovers, offering essential digital, analogue, and wireless connectivity for music sources. Klimax DSM (AV) is suitable for those seeking an enriched listening experience from movie and gaming sources, featuring HDMI connections. We wanted the flexibility of AV capabilities due to our involvement in multimedia rooms and home theater, so we opted for the AV version.

  • Features Linn’s Organik DAC
  • Streams virtually any digital source over a standard network
  • Supports formats up to 24-bit 384kHz with the addition of DSD256
  • Integrates seamlessly with TIDAL & Qobuz lossless streaming
  • Analog, digital and wireless connectivity for performance and convenience
  • HDMI 2.0 connections (4K compatible) including eARC for Smart TV connection - AV variant only
  • New lowest distortion ADC gets the most from connected analog sources
  • Exakt Links for connection of Klimax LP12, Urika II, Exaktbox or integrated Exakt speakers
  • Distortion-free digital volume control
  • Space Optimisation built-in (requires configuration by Linn Specialist)

Linn Klimax Solo 800 Mono Amplifier

As a full-service dealer designing, installing, upgrading, and servicing systems on the regular, we at Paragon know that the process of assembling a high-end, hi-fi separates system is subjective and involves compromise. Matching preferred speakers with preferred electronics is common, but it involves finding imperfect combinations of amplifier output and speaker response.

The new Linn Klimax Solo 800 is a high-performance amplifier designed to drive any speaker optimally, avoiding trial-and-error.  Linn’s engineers focused on 'consistency' and 'accuracy' to create a power amp with pure, unadulterated performance. This approach prioritizes achieving optimal performance by returning to first principles and avoiding the imperfections in traditional combinations of amplifiers and speakers.

  • Drives any loudspeaker without compromise
  • Adaptive Bias Control
  • Peerless, fanless heat management
  • Soft-switching Utopik power supply generates ultra-clean and stable power
  • Jewel-like Linn roundel communicates status via 100 individual cool-toned LEDs

Linn Klimax LP12 Turntable 

The Klimax LP12 offers a transformative experience with old and new albums alike. It is the latest version of the reference turntable and delivers a more musical and pitch-perfect performance. The improved performance is attributed to advanced speed management technology, a quiet power supply, and a cutting-edge motor design. 

Klimax LP12 is comprised of:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable with Karousel bearing
  • Keel machined sub-chassis and armboard
  • Radikal motor control, motor & power supply
  • Brushed DC motor in acoustically isolated housing
  • Ekos SE precision tonearm
  • Ekstatik flagship moving coil (MC) cartridge
  • Urika II moving coil phono stage built-in to suspended base

Audition Room #2: Linn 530 System

The 530 System combines exquisite tailoring and precision engineering to create a stylish and customizable music system. It features speakers with intelligent Exakt electronics and on-board power amps, as well as hearty Isobarik bass. Paired with Selekt DSM, the system delivers streamed music in stunning quality and accommodates connection from all audio and video sources.

List of Equipment


Linn Selekt DSM (Classic Edition)

The Selekt DSM ecosystem offers a vast range of possibilities, starting with the choice of chassis and DAC performance level tailored to specific applications. Selekt DSM is highly configurable, future-proof, and designed for hi-fi enthusiasts, providing a unique, high-performance experience unlike any other digital streamer we’ve seen on the market. It even allows for various configurations such as bi-amping, tri-amping.

The Classic Hub variant (which we chose for our store demo) offers a broad range of connectivity, including analogue-to-digital conversion for turntables and CD players, as well as digital connections for video streaming devices, games consoles, and Blu-ray players. This ensures tremendous sound quality from any source connected to the Selekt DSM.

  • Aluminium construction with acrylic fascia
  • Smoked, cut glass control dial
  • Six programmable ‘smart’ buttons
  • Wide range of inputs accept virtually any source
  • High-performance MM/MC/Line In Analog Phono Stage
  • Powered by Utopik – Linn’s best power supply design ever

Linn 530 Active Speakers

The 530 Speaker is designed to deliver outstanding musical performance using Exakt technology and a powerful Isobarik bass system. You can create the perfect look for your home by selecting Fabrik cover, top plate, and stand finish to complement any interior. Despite its stylish exterior, the 530 is packed with technology, including Exakt electronics, 300 W of power amps, and an Isobarik bass system.

  • Exakt technology built in - connects via Exakt Link to any Exakt-enabled Linn networked music player
  • Aktiv Isobarik Bass system for powerful accurate bass
  • Fully Aktiv integrated Chakra power amplification
  • Choice of 5 standard Fabrik covers plus special designer collections



Linn Selekt LP12 Turntable

The Selekt LP12 offers precision-engineered components for the ultimate music exploration. Positioned between Majik LP12 and Klimax LP12, it's perfect for audiophiles seeking top-notch sound quality.

Selekt LP12 is comprised of:

  • Sondek LP12 turntable with Karousel bearing
  • Kore aluminium sub-chassis bonded to a machined-from-solid armboard
  • Trampolin suspended aluminium base board
  • Lingo hybrid internal/external power supply
  • Arko 7075-grade aluminium gimballed tonearm
  • Kendo moving coil (MC) cartridge

A Night to Remember

In conclusion, the launch of Linn at Paragon Sight & Sound was a remarkable event that showcased the pinnacle of Linn's 50 years in business. From the cutting-edge technology of the Linn Klimax System to the precision craftsmanship of the Linn 530 System, the demonstration systems provided an immersive listening experience like no other. Whether you were there to witness it firsthand or are catching up on the details, the event was a true celebration of friendship, shared values, and a new partnership in the world of audio innovation.

There’s no substitute for the in-person listening session, however! For those who missed the event or want to relive the experience, we invite you to discover the featured demonstration systems. If you're eager to experience the magic of Linn's products firsthand, don't hesitate to contact us and schedule a private demonstration. Trust us, it'll be an experience you won't forget.

Ready to experience Linn?

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