Séura Smart Mirror Bathroom Technology Customization by Paragon Smart

Séura Smart Mirror Bathroom Technology Customization by Paragon Smart

May 13, 2019

Over the last fifteen years, Séura has pushed the innovation envelope of bathroom technology by using their blend of science and art. The renowned home automation manufacturer offers unique products engineered to be as technologically advanced as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Today we’d like to focus on several of their latest products that integrate modern communications and video technology. Two new products that embody the Séura design philosophy are the SMART Mirror and the Alexa Bluetooth Mirror. Here is an overview of each product and a video from Séura that illustrates the unique and helpful feature of these cutting-edge products.

The SMART Mirror is for your bathroom and has a television, microphone, and processor that allow one to load any Android-based app into the SMART Mirror and transform your bathroom into a smart home control hub. Start your day with the information that matters to you. Create your personalized home screen that lets you connect with your calendar, email, weather, and favorite apps. Find the information you need with hands-free activation, and intuitive touch control options. Even view your security cameras, dim the lights, and open the garage and more, all from your bathroom mirror.

If you don’t need a TV in your bathroom, you can still get the information you need to start your day with a Séura Voice Mirror featuring Alexa technology. Séura Voice Mirrors blend the power of voice technology with a beautifully designed mirror for a more connected digital life. Personalize your morning by asking Alexa to control lighting, climate, provide calendar appointments, the weather and much more.

Other Seura Products:

Séura also offers well-designed products for many other rooms in your home. The Entertainment TV Mirror is the perfect choice for homeowners and interior designers looking to provide superb HD video while eliminating an unsightly black rectangle on the wall. It’s a high-performance TV when on, and a stunning mirror when off. One can choose from a variety of TV/mirror sizes up to 65 inches, custom mirror frames and technology to control your TV with your Smart Home ecosystem.

Séura does not stop with great design solutions for inside your home. Their outdoor TVs are weather resistant and deliver first-in-class video performance in a variety of outdoor settings. Choose the Ultra Bright series for decks, patios and areas with full sun, or the Shade Series for cabanas, or covered patios. With a two-year warranty, optional soundbar and protective TV cover, the Séura outdoor TVs are the best choice for an immersive outdoor TV experience.

History of Seura

In 2003, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson began to pursue their idea of combing technology, design, and art. They created a framed mirror with a TV housed behind. They began in their garage, in Green Bay Wisconsin, crafting each piece and steadily building a reputation for quality and an incredible aesthetic solution.

They called their new company Séura, after the famous Impressionist artist George Seurat, drawing inspiration from his Pointillist style of painting. “Just as clusters of paint work together on Seurat’s canvas to create a masterpiece, pixels of a TV form a cohesive design. Similarly, elements of artwork, furniture and technology come together to create powerful design.” Séura believes the best environments are designed when art and science work together.

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