D'Agostino Progression Monoblocks, Momentum Preamplifier, Wilson Alexx Speakers, & dCS Rossini

What better amplifier to anchor our system of the month than the new Progression Mono Amplifiers from D’Agostino Master Systems? The 500 watt/8ohm mono amplifier is the largest, and most powerful amp D’Agostino Master Systems has made to date. The iconic look of the amplifier power meters (first introduced in the Momentum series) was inspired by the elegant faces of classic Swiss watches. Another design feature that embodies beauty in both form and function is their venturi heatsink. Each heatsink is milled from a single 48.5 lb. aluminum billet, and provides efficient cooling of the active amplifier components.

Since D’Agostino amplifiers merit a D’Agostino preamplifier, we’ve selected the Momentum preamplifier to deliver the best signal possible to the amplifiers. This Momentum preamplifier uses completely balanced circuit topology for maximum bandwidth and low noise. Separate power supplies for the audio and control circuitry ensure complete isolation, reduced electromagnetic interference and noise. By limiting noise and potential interference, the preamplifier delivers an exceptionally accurate and musical signal to the amplifier. We’ve selected one of our favorite digital products to complement the exceptional D’Agostino amplification products.

The dCS Rossini Player + DAC features their well-known "Ring DAC" that transforms your digital data into a musical experience "of breathtaking clarity and emotional intensity." With a direct network cable, the new Rossini app enables streaming from a NAS drive, or the use of content from online providers like Tidal, and Spotify. System performance is also improved with the addition of the Rossini Master Clock, which optimizes the audio signal from all digital sources and reduces the digital jitter present in all digital systems.

One of our favorite tasks at Paragon is to match loudspeakers to the electronics, creating our ultimate system. While there are many great choices, we like how Wilson Audio loudspeakers and D’Agostino equipment seem built for one another. The Wilson Alexx is a tremendous loudspeaker, and a perfect complement to the D’Agostino/dCs electronics. Released earlier this year, the Alexx embodies the Wilson’s latest thinking on loudspeaker design, with advanced time domain geometry, driver configuration and low-resonance cabinets. The Alexx loudspeakers and Progression amplifiers work seamlessly together, with plenty of available power for even the most demanding and dynamic listening sessions. Make an appointment today, to hear this dynamic combination in person.