Paragon's Modern Music Center - A Store Within A Store

Paragon's Modern Music Center - A Store Within A Store

Jan 30, 2018


During the last decade, we've seen (and heard) the evolution and refinement of digital music, a renewed interest in personal listening, and a rejuvenation of the vinyl listening experience. Today, you have more choices than ever, both in the music you listen to and the audio equipment you listen with.

Paragon's goal for the Modern Music Center is to help you understand those choices and find the best equipment available in a variety of price ranges. To that end, the Modern Music Center focuses on accessibility and interactive product experiences. By bringing together many of today's popular music formats into one convenient demo space, customers are able to get hands-on with a wide range of components. We know this unique new space will empower our customers to make informed decisions when selecting audio components that enhance their listening experience.


Early music streaming systems were often unreliable, difficult to use, and required a computer. Today's streaming systems are more intuitive, easier to navigate, and deliver much higher performance.

Our digital music streaming bar allows you to select and playback your favorite music from either a network storage drive or a content provider, such as Tidal, Pandora, or Spotify. The Interface: An interface is software that functions like a librarian, and allows one to easily find music on any device or content provider connected to the network. One of our favorites is Roon, which makes it very easy to select music from your storage drive, and even view album art and other multimedia options. The Streamers: A streamer allows access to both music on your network and to popular content providers such as Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and others. A streamer is often used as part of a standalone audio system, but can also be incorporated into a multi-room system. Our selection of streamers provide great sound, user-friendly interfaces, and many are “Roon ready.” The Brands: The Digital Streaming Bar currently features products by Roon, Mytek, McIntosh, Sonos, and Lumin.*


Headphones have been steadfast personal companions to most of us for years. Providing a soundtrack to our lives, it's hard to think of being without them. At our headphone bar, you'll hear for yourself the performance differences between a variety of open ear, closed ear, and other types of headphones. Experiment with adding a headphone amplifier for even better sound.

The Headphones: With choices ranging from (to name a few) wired, wireless, and noise-cancelling headphones, the best way to your perfect match is to try a selection of headphones. While sound quality is paramount (and very subjective!), there is also the issue of fit and comfort. We invite you to come in, relax, and audition. The Accessories: Another benefit to the Modern Music Center is the opportunity it affords to try out new components. Our headphone bar is equipped with a selection of headphone amplifiers available to demo in conjunction with a pair of quality cans. Headphone amps are compact, high-performance components designed to extract the very best sound quality from your headphones. These amps often have an incorporated DAC, and some even have music streaming options. The Brands: The Headphone Bar currently features products by B&W, McIntosh, Pryma, Focal, and Grado.*


As vinyl recordings have grown more and more popular, the available options for turntables and accessories such as phono preamps have likewise experienced a surge.

Quality decks now offer more convenience, flexibility, and sonic performance than ever before. With an entire wall devoted to turntables, we'll help you match the perfect turntable to your system. The Turntables: The Modern Music Center features an entire wall dedicated to turntables available for audition. Available with a variety of features, and with a wide price range, you're sure to find a table that will allow you to enjoy the experience of vinyl at home. Browse our ever-changing selection of LPs and be sure to check out our turntable accessories for must-haves such as record cleaners, platter mats, adjustment tools, and cartridges. The Brands: The Turntable Bar currently features products by Pro-Ject, MoFi Electronics, McIntosh, and Brinkmann.*  

All Digital and Audio Cabling in the MMC courtesy of Transparent Audio.

*While our vendors will continue to grow, we place great importance on the careful vetting of components before adding them to our line-up. If we wouldn't use it ourselves, you won't find it here!