Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic Loudspeaker System

Magnum Opus

In this video, Dave Wilson speaks about his early research on the time
domain, and how this poorly understood phenomenon affects the way we
hear music. Dave also reveals his inspiration for designing
loudspeakers—the passion that has been central to his designs during a
career spanning more than thirty-five years. Please celebrate with us
this small homage of Dave’s remarkable life work, which, as it relates
to loudspeakers, now culminates in his Magnum Opus, the WAMM Master

It's About Time

This video previewing the long awaited WAMM, Master Chronosonic™, Dave Wilson's Magnum Opus. Nearly five years of research, development, and thought have gone into the new WAMM. In the months leading up to its launch, Wilson offered up this small homage to Dave, a visionary who has indelibly changed the way we all think about music and its reproduction.


  • Daryl Wilson and Wilson’s team of engineers recently concluded
    another round of research and development into tweeter technology.
  • Wilson’s MTM configurations, which feature time-domain adjustability, have always been far more sophisticated
  • Unlike
    the original WAMM, which required a subwoofer to cover the bottom
    octaves, the Master Chronosonic is a true full-range design.

Enclosure Materials

Most loudspeaker manufacturers are content with building enclosures from
medium-density fiberboard—a material originally used in the
construction of tract-home sub floors. In contrast, Wilson has spent the
last several decades researching and developing cutting-edge

WAMM Master Subsonic

From its inception, the WAMM Master Chronosonic was designed to cover
the entire audible spectral bandwidth with an unprecedented time-domain
fidelity, ultra-low distortion, and exceptionally well controlled
enclosure resonance. It is a laboratory grade instrument on the one hand
and an unalloyed conduit to a numinous connection to music on the

The Master Chronosonic is a full range loudspeaker,
capable of reproducing the bottom octaves of music with extreme speed
and authority, but Wilson’s design team also recognizes the advantages
presented by fully active bass management and a dedicated subwoofer.
While most manufacturers of subwoofers attempt to bend the immutable laws of physics with undersized enclosures and drivers, Wilson’s approach to the bottom octave is uncompromising and pure. The WATCH Dog and the state-of-the-art Thor’s Hammer are designed to reproduce the region between 10 and 40hz without the aid of distortion-producing equalization or other Band-Aids to poor or compromised designs.

The WAMM Master Subsonic subwoofer builds on the strengths of the Thor’s Hammer. The Subsonic employs three dual-spider woofers in an enclosure tuned to reproduce the infra-sonic range below 10 Hz, and, at the same time, seamlessly and coherently mesh with the Master Chronosonic in the lower mid-bass region. Extreme transient speed is not a intuitive characteristic associated with subs; the Subsonic was designed to cover the bottom octaves at the same level of transient fidelity that characterizes the WAMM Master Chronosonic.

WAMM Master Chronosonic Technical Specifications


One – 10.5 inches (26.67 cm)
One – 12.5 inches (31.75 cm)

Upper Midrange
Two – 4 inch (10.16 cm)

Lower Midrange
Two – 7 inch (17.78 cm)

Main Tweeter
One – 1 inch silk dome (2.54 cm)

Rear-Firing Tweeter
One – 1 inch silk dome (2.54 cm)

Enclosures & Materials

XLF port, adjustable rear or front firing

Bottom vent, X-material, S-material baffle

Sealed X-Material

Aerospace Aluminum, W-Material Module Interface, X-Material damping


93.5 dB @ 1W @ 1 meter @1 kHz

Nominal Impedance
3 ohms / minimum 1.77 ohms @ 310 Hz

Minimum Amplifier Power
100 watts per channel


84.375 inches (214.31 cm) w/o spikes

21 inches (53.34 cm)

37.375 inches (94.93 cm)

System Weight Per Channel
900 lbs (408.23 kg)

Total System Shipping Weight (approx.)
2620 lbs (1188.41 kg)

WAMM Master Subsonic - Drivers and Measurements

Enclosure Type
Front Ported

Three—12 inch Dual Spider (30.48 cm)

Frequency Response
10 to 150 Hz. +0, – 3dB Room Average Response [RAR]

Nominal Impedance
4 ohms

87 dB @ 1 watt (2.83v at one meter)

WAMM Master Subsonic - Dimensions

65 1/16 inches (165.25 cm) with spike

27 3/16 inches (69.09 cm)

18 1/16 inches (45.87 cm)

515 lbs (233.6 Kg)

Total Shipping Weight (approx)
695 lbs (315.3 kg)

Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic

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