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Thor's Hammer

Thor is popularly known as the Norse god of thunder. He is often depicted carrying a short-handled hammer named Mjollnir, a symbol of his awesome power. Thunder is fitting to associate with Wilson Audio's new state-of-the-art subwoofer. Truth be told, Wilson’s product might give Thor an inferiority complex. Thunder, you see, primarily occupies the frequency spectrum from 20-120 hertz. Thor's Hammer (the subwoofer) is capable of reproducing at full volume the lowest pipe organ note at 16 Hz.

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The Laws of Physics at 10Hz

Subwoofers are nowadays de rigueur in home theater systems, but their history at Wilson Audio long predates soundtrack audio. Dave Wilson’s first commercial product, the multi-cabinet WAMM®, represented his effort to build a loudspeaker truly capable of reproducing the full range of music, including the lowest organ notes. Dave understood from the beginning that when it comes to reproducing the lowest frequencies with dynamic realism and without distortion—there is no substitute for moving large volumes of air. The seven-foot tall XS®, designed for the X-1 Grand SLAMM®, carried this uncompromising approach forward.

The Thor’s Hammer is the lineal descendant of all these subwoofers. But most significantly, it’s the first subwoofer that utilizes the new driver and crossover technology developed for the WATCH Dog® to equal and surpass the performance of the XS in a cabinet that won’t overwhelm most rooms. The result is flat bass extension below the limit of human hearing—into the frequency range where the word “visceral” becomes literally descriptive.

Long-throw woofers allow Thor’s Hammer to achieve its 10hz response in a relatively compact enclosure.


Thor’s Hammer uses two custom-designed 15” dual-spider drivers in a dual-ported cabinet. The resulting distortion measurements are of the order one associates more with the finest quality amplifiers rather than with loudspeakers!

Enclosure Materials

The cabinet itself is constructed primarily from Wilson Audio’s proprietary X-Material, an extremely dense and hard composite that achieves the seemingly contradictory attributes of high rigidity and high damping. Reducing cabinet resonance to irrelevancy is the sine qua non of accurate and grain-free music reproduction.

Home Theater / Music System Integration

The benchmark in designing Thor’s Hammer was simple: create a subwoofer that would be, in every measure, a worthy addition to a music system built around Wilson’s flagship loudspeakers.


Woofer: Two 15 inch dual-spider
Enclosure Type: Dual Ported
Efficiency: 93 dB (2.0 Volts @ 1 meter)
Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Range: 10 to 150 Hz. +0, – 3dB Room Average Response [RAR]
Height: 59 inches (149.86 cm) w/o spike
Width: 20 inches (50.80 cm)
Depth: 25 1/2 inches (65.25 cm)

Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer is available in four standard finishes: Galaxy Gray, GT Silver, Quartz & Carbon.

Upgraded & Pearl finishes also available.

Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer

This product is available for purchase in-store only. Contact us for more information.
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