Wilson Audio Submerge Powered Subwoofer


Found deep in the groves of your favorite LPs, and concealed in the soundtrack of the movies you can't wait to watch, is the critical low-frequency information that provides the the sense of space of the recorded music hall and the impact of the explosions the movie hero narrowly escapes. Submerge reveals the tension and sonic foundation below the surface of your audio experience.

Expected Release Date: March 15, 2024

Serious Subwoofer

When Wilson Audio designed this remarkable subwoofer, special attention was paid to its unique application and demanding role in a complex system. This proprietary 12” woofer was specifically optimized for the two bottom octaves of the audible bandwidth. Featuring a dual spider design, the drivers geometry is triangulated (the third variable being the cone’s surround) such that the high-excursion cone can only move pistonically. The results are immersive in any application Submerge is utilized.


Supported by a sophisticated and custom tuned DSP, the built-in amplifier provides 1,600 watts of power which easily controls the dual-spider twelve-inch (12”) woofer. The DSP is meticulously calibrated for ideal acoustical interaction between the driver and enclosure volume, guaranteeing a balanced and lifelike soundstage.

Front-facing analog controls are found on a beautifully machined plate which allow for fine-tuning your Submerge’s balance to perfection. These analog knobs provide adjustably for Gain, Delay (Phase), ELF Trim, and LP Frequency. Once the intuitive controls are set, easily mark their position with the custom indicator rings. You can make adjustments and return to your initial settings seamlessly. These knobs also provide a quick way to revert to correct settings if accidentally rearranged.

Effortlessly tailor the subwoofer's output to your preferences, achieving the perfect balance of depth and clarity in your audio and/or cinema systems. Enjoy flexibility with balanced and unbalanced Left/Mono and right inputs, accommodating various audio setups and sources. In addition, the DSP can be bypassed entirely. This is desirable when used in systems with either a sound processor in a home theater system, or a separate processor like the Wilson Audio ActivXO dual-subwoofer crossover.


Crafted distinctly from X-Material, Wilson Audio enclosures provides unparalleled vibration control and mass, which are essential for reproducing low frequency, ensuring your audio is delivered with exceptional clarity and precision.

Isolation of Submerge’s amplifier was an area where we were able to further explore the silence between the notes. The amplifier plate mounts seamlessly to the V-Material back, effectively controlling vibrations and minimizing sympathetic resonances migrating into the amplifier, resulting in a purer sound.

Submerge is dressed with elegant aesthetics and presents a familial design pattern also found within the curves of the WAMM Master Chronosonic, WASAE LōKē, WASAE Center, and Alida CSC. The side panels, thickest near the driver, enhance dampening and vibration control, creating a visually appealing and acoustically superior subwoofer.


The 1,600 watt amplifier is uniquely mounted to the massive heatsink plate found on the rear of the enclosure. Coupling the amplifier to the T6061 Aluminum back plate efficiently transfers heat from the internal components of the amplifier to the decorative heatsink fins, the design of which is inspired by the mountain ranges surrounding Wilson Audio.

Remove the handcrafted front grille to expose the sleek aluminum baffle design. The attachment hardware for this mass of metal is strategically placed underneath grille post catchers, ensuring a clean and visually pleasing appearance without compromising functionality.

Taking a page from the Master Subsonic’s playbook, the combination of thick X-Material as a substrate coalesced with the bulk of the aluminum baffle create a truly solid and extremely damped surface for the Submerge driver to be secured to.


Driver & Amplifier

  • Woofer: 12 inch Dual Spider (30.48cm)
  • Amplifier Power: 1600 watts
  • Frequency Response (Amplifier): 5Hz to 500Hz
  • Enclosure Type: X-Material/V-Material/Front Ported


  • Height (w/spikes): 30 1/4” (76.78cm)
  • Width: 18” (45.72cm)
  • Depth (With Grill): 24 9/16” (62.41cm)
  • Depth (No Grill): 23 13/16” (60.43cm)

When combining WilsonGloss colors, grilles, and hardware options, there are hundreds of combinations available, giving you the ability to design a Wilson Audio speaker unique to your taste and decor. Click here to see available color combinations for the Submerge using WilsonAudio.com's configurator.