Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 Phono Cartridge

Type:High Output

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Sumiko's Blue Point No. 3 marks the company’s continued commitment to sonic excellence, developed with over 40 years of cartridge experience. A close inspection of the resonance properties of Blue Point No. 2 revealed potential for improvement, so Sumiko took a closer look at how the housing resonates around the generator--and the results are remarkable.
For years, Sumiko's classic Blue Point No. 2 has been favored for its combination of high output and ease of use, but now Sumiko has gone even further and developed the new Blue Point No. 3. This popular cartridge has been optimized using Sumiko's groundbreaking resonance optimization techniques, giving listeners the classic moving coil sound without the need for a dedicated MC pre-amplifier. Explore the new possibilities of sound that the Blue Point No. 3 provides!
Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 Phono Cartridge offers a classic sonic presentation reminiscent of the Shure & Stanton MMs known for their smoothness. Featuring Sumiko's established MC generator system, this smoothness is paired with the delicacy and finesse expected from a Sumiko MC. At its foundation is a rounded, buttery low-end response that will please bass lovers. Full, warm and distinct, the low-end envelopes you in its coziness. Additionally, mid-range sounds remain clear, and the high-frequency attack & decay is exquisite and ethereal. To further enhance the model, a low-output variant was introduced. MC phonostages can benefit from the same mellifluous sound plus the depth and imaging typical of a low-output design. Offering both high-value performance and affordability, the Blue Point No. 3 series is a must-have.

Trade In or Trade Up

For moving coil phono cartridges, user-replaceable styli are not available; nevertheless, if a cartridge is not working correctly, you may send the unit to Paragon Sight & Sound for either a re-tip exchange or trade-up toward a new cartridge. Through the trade-up, 30% of the retail value of the cartridge is offered as a discount on a new cartridge of the same or greater value. For example, if the retail value of the current cartridge is $1000, then a $300 discount is available. To utilize the exchange program, authorized dealers must be used and it is only valid in the United States.

Hand-Crafted in Japan

Sumiko phono cartridges are carefully crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan, close to the home of their namesake Oysters. Utilizing the highest quality materials, these cartridges have been crafted to deliver exceptional performance and have been fine-tuned through rigorous testing by world-class cartridge makers to ensure precision and quality. With a range of cartridges to choose from, Sumiko is confident that there is the perfect phono cartridge for you.
  • Mass & Dimension: 6g, 17.37 x 17.16 x 23.94mm (WxHxD)
  • Stylus: 0.3 x 0.7mil Elliptical
  • Cantilever: Aluminium Pipe
  • Coils: High-Purity Copper
  • Internal Impedance: 135Ω (H) 28 Ω (L)
  • Load Impedance: 47kΩ (H) >100Ω (L)
  • Frequency Response: 13Hz – 35kHz
  • Output Voltage: 2.5mV @ 1kHz (H) 0.5mV @ 1kHz (L)
  • Channel Separation: 30dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel Balance: <1dB @ 1kHz
  • Compliance: 12×10-6cm/dyn @ 100Hz
  • Capacitance: 100pF – 200pF
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 20°
  • Tracking Force Range: 1.8g – 2.2g
  • Recommended Tracking Force: 2.0g
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