Sonus faber Sonetto V G2 Floorstanding Speaker


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The Sonus faber Sonetto V G2 Floorstanding Speakers offer an exceptional audio experience, blending heritage with innovation.


The Sonus faber Sonetto V G2 Floorstanding Speakers offer an exceptional audio experience, blending heritage with cutting-edge innovation. Featuring an innovative internal cork chamber and state-of-the-art drivers, these speakers deliver unparalleled clarity, depth, and precision across the entire frequency range. With their elegant design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Sonetto V G2 speakers elevate your listening pleasure to new heights, making them an essential choice for discerning audiophiles seeking the pinnacle of sonic excellence.


Innovative Design: The legacy of Sonus faber's Suprema speakers continues with the Sonetto V G2. Crafted with an internal cork chamber, this design enhances midrange resolution and natural sound quality for an unparalleled audio experience.

Camelia Midrange Speaker: Featuring the iconic Camelia Midrange Speaker left unpainted, ensuring 100% sound purity and clarity. Its organic basket and Phase Plug made of aluminum deliver smooth frequency response both on and off axis.

Floral Pattern Surround: Unique floral-patterned midwoofers and woofers surround not only add elegance but also reduce interference, ensuring a linear and immersive sound experience.

Immersive Acoustics: The lute-shaped design optimizes sound dispersion, offering an immersive listening experience. Enhanced with a concrete base for superior stability and vibration management, every note resonates with precision and depth.

State-of-the-Art Tweeter: Equipped with Silk Dome DAD™ technology, the tweeter extends beyond 30kHz, reproducing the finest nuances with exceptional clarity and detail.

Phase Coherent Crossover: The Phase Coherent Crossover technology ensures precise synchronization, creating a palpable soundstage with heightened realism and immersion.

Hybrid IFF and Paracross Topology: Experience superior crossover network performance first introduced with the Sonus faber Lumina V, providing unmatched audio clarity.

Classic Features: Mid-High unity flange wrapped in leather, 45° angle top wood finish, metal-finished rings around all drivers, and single driver dust grills.

Modern Elements: Concrete base for stability and aesthetics, round binding post cover adorned with the Sonus faber logo, and a choice of three elegant wood finishes: walnut, wenge, and piano black.



  • System: 3.0 way Midrange sealed cork enclosure, Woofers down vented box
  • Loudspeakers: High-end quality drivers
  • Tweeter: 1.1" DAD™ Arrow Point extended frequency tweeter, Copper shorting ring
  • Midwoofer: 1x 6.5" Camelia midrange, Copper shorting ring
  • Woofer: 2 x 6.5" woofers, Aluminum demodulation ring
  • Crossover Points: 280 & 2500 Hz
  • Frequency Response (-3dB): 35 - 40000 Hz
  • Sensitivity @2V83: 89dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 50 - 320W
  • Product Dimensions (W - H - D): 12.13" - 42.56" - 16.34"
  • Weight: 73.63 lbs.
  • Packaging Weight: 165.8 lbs. (two cartons with one speaker each)
  • Cabinet Construction: Wood, Leather, Concrete - Lute Shape box


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