Pro-Ject Align It Pro Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool


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High-Precision Phono Cartridge Alignment Protractor

Align it PRO provides a unique and effective workflow that makes aligning cartridges incredibly fast and efficient. It allows you to set the exact length of your tonearm so you can anchor the protractor to the tonearm’s pivot point (as well as the record spindle). For most Pro-Ject tonearms you can use the 2-pointed end of the fixing rod which fits the vertical bearing screw atop the bearing housing. On the other end of the fixing rod is a single pointed spike that you can center over the pivot point of any tonearm for accurate cartridge alignment.

This approach allows you to set the overhang quickly and simply, and with the highest degree of accuracy. There is no toggling between inner & outer null-points (this is why only the inner null-point is printed on Align it PRO). For beginners or pros alike, Align it PRO comes with detailed instructions as well as relevant technical information that helps you internalize the process and its importance in getting the best sound possible from your record player & phono cartridge.


Baerwald Geometry
The Align it PRO uses the Baerwald geometry. Baerwald is widely considered the best ‘compromise’ among other geometries devoted to phono cartridge alignment. It strikes an ideal balance between inner & outer groove tracking while maintaining excellent linearity through the middle portion of vinyl LP side. The music industry nowadays tends toward double LPs with shorter sides (20min or lower per side). Baerwald works great with these records as well as older ones with more musical content on each side. Align it PRO is suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables as well as most other turntable & tonearm combos you’ll find on the market (depending on their pivot-to-spindle distance).

  • Suitable for all Pro-Ject turntables
  • High-precision alignment setup
  • Quick & easy to use, highly accurate
  • Overhang, azimuth and tangentiality adjustment
  • Baerwald geometry
  • Cartridge alignment for 8.6, 9, 10 & 12″ tonearms
  • Suitable for most tonearms on the market
  • Includes instructions, theory & recommendations
  • Made in Europe




  • Material: Acrylic
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Geometry: Baerwald
  • Suitable for 200mm pivot-to-spindle distance (e.g. Pro-Ject 8.6” tonearms)
  • Suitable for 212mm pivot-to-spindle distance (e.g. Pro-Ject 9” tonearms)
  • Suitable for 238mm pivot-to-spindle distance (e.g. Pro-Ject 10” tonearms)
  • Suitable for 291.6mm pivot-to-spindle distance (e.g. Pro-Ject 12” tonearms)


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