Octave V 80 SE Integrated Amplifier

The OCTAVE V 80 SE sets new benchmarks for quality and performance in the product category of integrated amplifiers.

It is the crown of the Octave integrated amplifier range and shines with a completely new amplifier design. A new driver stage, upgraded output transformers, and a more sophisticated power transformer highlight the technical design, while a completely new feedback loop offers absolute stability. As a serious alternative to high end separate pre- and power-amplifier components, the V 80 SE is equipped with a wide variety of inputs, both RCA and XLR, and features full function preamp capabilities. A MM or MC phono board is optional. A connection for Octave's proprietary Black Box or Super Black Box power supply capacitance upgrade module is also included.


The V 80 SE is the only model in the Octave range with a headphone connector, and features a high-grade discrete headphone amplifier that offers very low distortion (<0.008 % at 200 ohms) and uncompromised sound quality. It is also possible to integrate the V 80 SE into a Home Cinema system thanks to the Home Theater Bypass Circuit, which allows the V 80 SE to power the front channels of a high-quality multichannel system. Furthermore, the V 80 SE features Octave's innovative, power saving Ecomode circuit, which serves to reduce heat and unnecessary power consumption when the amplifier is switched on but not in use. The V 80 SE features Octave's innovative Power Management and Protection Systems. All Octave models are protected against any inrush-current during switch-on, and the operation voltage is built up slowly, which also serves to extend the lifespan of all parts – especially the tubes.

One can adjust the V 80 SE BIAS in three steps with a small screw driver at the front panel of the amplifier, making very sensitive adjustment to the loudspeakers quite simple. The incredibly precise BIAS calibration system requires no knowledge or experience let alone any micrometre or tools, so there is no need to involve a tech. In addition to simplifying tube biasing, this also makes it very easy for one to experiment with other tube types.

While the finish, build-quality and craftsmanship of the unit are easily recognized, the real fascination with the V 80 SE is the uncompromised sound quality and its incredible performance capabilities. The new amplifier design, optimized for the higher power KT 150 and KT 120 tubes (available as an option), yields up to 120 watts per channel power output, allowing perfect control of virtually any loudspeaker – even at high sound pressure levels. Music will flow effortlessly as the amplifier performs with an unrivalled sense of ease, all while delivering precise control and inexhaustible dynamics.

In the midrange, the V 80 SE integrated amplifier remains natural and warm, while the high frequencies are accurately reproduced with all the nuanced fine details which make all the difference in high fidelity playback. This powerful yet elegant integrated amplifier conveys pure emotion and is the perfect partner for nearly every loudspeaker. With its incredible reliability, ease of operation, and innovative feature set, the V 80 SE delivers the highest level of performance for the most demanding music lovers.

Of course, the V 80 SE has the Octave-typical Power Management with Soft-Start Electronics, the Protection System, a Power Selector, Eco Mode, a BIAS Setting and Display, a Monitor/Record Output, the HT Bypass, the Pre -Out, a Headphone Output and a (Super) Black Box Connection.


Super Black Box

Like the Black Box, the Super Black Box is also an external power supply amplifier for the integrated amplifiers V 40 (SE), V 50, V 70 (SE), V 70 Class A, V 80 (SE), V 110 (SE) and V 16 Single Ended and the RE 280 MK2, RE 290, RE 320, MRE 130 and MRE 220 (SE) power amplifiers, but with even greater capacity.

Black Box

Like the Super Black Box, the Black Box is also an external power supply amplifier for the integrated amplifiers V 40 (SE), V 50, V 70 (SE), V 70 Class A, V 80 (SE), V 110 (SE) and V 16 Single Ended and the power amplifiers RE 280 MK2, RE 290, RE 320, MRE 130 and MRE 220 (SE).

Phono MM or MC

A phono MM or MC board can optionally be used in the V 70 SE, V 70 Class A, V 80 SE, V 110 SE and HP 300 SE. This additional board is internally connected to the phono input, which is then no longer available as a high level input.



  • Basic Mode: V 80 SE Line
  • Options: Phono MC or MM
  • Design: Silver or Black
  • Tube Configuration: 4 x KT 88-S4A-Carbon, optional 4 x KT 150 TS
  • Inputs: 6 x Line Level RCA (1 x Bypass-Input, 1 x Phono-Input Option), 1 x XLR
  • Outputs: 1 x adjustable Preamp Output (RCA) / 1 x Tape Record (RCA) / 1 x Headphone Output / 1 x Loudspeaker Output
  • Dimensions: 451 x 175 x 415 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 23.4 kg
  • Full Metal Remote Control: Volume Control
  • Eco Mode: Power Save Modus
  • Bias Control: Bias current control
  • Adjustable Pre-Out: Preamp Output RCA
  • HT Bypass: Bypass-Function for Multichannel/Home Cinema
  • Protection System: Soft Start; Protection Circuit for Device and Power Tubes
  • Power Selection: For different power tubes
  • Headphone Output: 6.3 mm Input for Headphones > 200 ohms
  • Pre- and Poweramp separable
  • Output Power: 120 W RMS, 150 W Peak / 4 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.1% at 10 W / 4 Ohm
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: - 103 dB


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